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Calling Realtor Speilberg’s, Cameron’s and Jackson’s

September 27th, 2010

Want to be the next Spielberg or Jackson, but a Realtor version?

Today I have seen the future, and that future is well and truly mobile.

What am I talking about?

Multi-Cam Director

Picture this……

At the last sales conference you found out about HD Video, and how enticing and exciting it could make a watchable Real Estate Virtual Tour.

No, no, not those “throw 15 photos into a slideshow and add music type’s”, I’m talking about the full on Steven Speilberg / Peter Jackson production type variety.

But that costs megabucks?

Not anymore.

What if you could control 2 or 3 other mobile phone cameras in your own directors suite, on your own mobile phone! Yes you read that right.

Some things are best explained visually – so time to cue the obligatory Youtube video.

Now after watching that, your brain should be racing with ideas?

I can imagine at the Agents caravan, each agent picking out something they love or first noticed about the home, meanwhile you’re also at the property directing all of this and mixing it together on your mobile phone.

Then that video gets immediately sent out to your list of “hot buyers”….well maybe theirs too?

Just think of the possibilities for Real Estate?

At this stage there’s just one catch, best explained …….

Samsung Canada is wanting to develop an android app for the OS and its galaxy phone line. Our development team suggested an idea, the Multi-Cam Director App. The more votes/comments/likes the app gets, the greater chance it has to be funded and made.

So head on over to the Android Forums page here and vote for it.

I’m sure I’m only scratching the surface, perhaps at a first open home for inspection, or at an auction, 2 or 3 other Galaxys providing live feeds into the phone with the mixing director app would make for a fabulous agent / company testimonial, or even immediate upload to Youtube of todays just held lunchtime auction.

At this stage each Realtor would need to have a Samsung Galaxy S Phone. However as its running the Android 2.1 Operating System, its not inconceivable that this system could in the future be licensed to work with other phones.

SOURCE – http://multicamdirector.com/

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