A Historic Character Home in Nelson

September 26th, 2010

Is such a property high on your shopping list when looking to buy real estate in Nelson?

If you are looking at an older character home for sale in Nelson, well more central / inner Nelson…….then there’s a few things you show be aware of.

With many older character houses in Nelson, it’s not just the outside that needs to be kept up-to-date, there is also the matter of thoroughly checking the inside too, issues like insulation and electrical wiring being of particular importance.

best described....needs some TLC...

best described....needs some TLC...

However any changes to that “outside” will more than likely involve visitations to the local council, who obviously don’t want some modernist take on history to effect what is really Nelsons throwback to its past.

With a view to assisting such home owners, and to aid this, the Nelson City Council produces their……

Residential heritage precinct design guides

…which they describe as thus……

To assist owners of properties located within heritage precincts, Council has developed a series of design guides to ensure developments occur within manner sympathetic to their environment. The guides give a visual description of the precinct and provide ways of adapting and building properties in those areas.

They pay specific attention to the following important heritage precinct areas;

Inner City – click here for PDF

Alton Street – click here for PDF

Dear Cottages – click here for PDF

Fountain Placeclick here for PDF

Russell St, Nelson - Port Nelson side

Russell Street  – click here for PDF

Seymour Avenue  – click here for PDF

Elliott Street – click here for PDF

South Street  – click here for PDF

one of Nelsons oldest homes

Now if the property you are looking at on the internet is in one of these streets, it might just pay to investigate these links, …………

especially if the property is in any way described as “in need of TLC”, is a “bit tired” or hints at a “do-up.”

RELATED – Nelson City Council website – design guides section

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