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What Real Estate Agents hate about Open Homes

September 20th, 2010

There is plenty of overseas debate about whether Open Homes are a successful way to market properties or not.

Buyers of Real Estate in Nelson, and probably overall in New Zealand sure seem to prefer it, if recent activity and results are anything to go by.

However there are some things that Real Estate Agents really dislike when it comes to Open Homes, and they are all items that detract from the emotion of an overall good viewing.

After asking around the 12 agents in our Stoke office this morning, they pretty much unanimously correlated with me that the Top 6 are;

1] dirty or damp windows / fly-spots / dirty marks on walls & ceilings

Buyer Thinking -

2] cars parked on the driveway
3] dishes on bench / in sink
4] smelly clothes left around (same for lingering pet smells)
5] dirty or less than perfectly clean shower / bath / toilets
6] blown light bulbs / faulty light switches

Amazingly enough all these items can be fixed in a short time, and in most cases for free, or very little effort.

And what a difference they can make!

So to assist visiting buyers at your next Open Home, please don’t tempt them with any of the above “ingredients” in the Open Home mix.

PHOTO - sataqvi

PHOTO - sataqvi

There is actually a solution to this though, the exact same one I have espoused here before and co-incidentally today, expressed by Ian Keightley this morning, in his weekly mail-out to agents. Whats it about then?

In these post GFC frugal times, a home that sounds expensive isn’t always the best option to get lots of buyer traffic through your Open Home doors.

Its more about sensibly utilizing the listing advert to make the property “sound less expensive.” (with the one exception, and that is, if it really is an expensive property and you are appealing to that market exclusively)

Ideally you don't want buyers weighing up your homes based on expensive Vs affordable......

Ideally you don't want buyers weighing up your homes based on expensive Vs affordable......


So that when a buyers makes that physical visit to inspect the property, they don’t experience a “let-down” in comparison to their initial expectations. (Remember here…..buyers more often than not buy emotionally and not always logically)

Less expensive sounding…..may not always make the seller jump up and down but remember what you are …..in today’s market you are a Real Estate Marketer foremost.

So don’t loose track of what marketing is about….the art of appealing to the widest possible target audience.

Therefore if the add is written to include the expectations that items numbers 1 – 6 above will be present when they arrive, “Hey!” no surprises then.

Now thats what I call a Handyman Special alright

Now thats what I call a Handyman Special alright

Although I wasn’t responsible for talking to the US Realtor who placed this advert in his local paper, its pretty unlikely any NZ vendor would agree to an agent placing an add as such.

However I bet he got dozens to that first Open Home?

PHOTO CREDIT – Kostya Kisleyko

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