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Target your NZ property search for even better results

September 16th, 2010

Today when you type a search question into one the major search engines, the results can sometimes be a surprise. Not just that, sometimes the relevance is not what you want but what some SEO guru has managed to “persuade” Google / Yahoo / Bings algorithms to show you (heres an example – see how many for sale / property / NZ / real estate terms you can fit on one page to “persuade” the search engines that you have a relevant site).

So if someone is searching for “Nelson Real Estate” in the States, Australia or the UK then for the most part they will get a different result.

So time to start a new habit, and that new habit revolves around the term “site: ” in our case it would be “site:nz”.

Filter your search by specific country for more better results

Filter your search by specific country for more better results

This information is possibly of more use when you are searching for something in a foreign country.

To swat up, here’s more info on the term “site:” over at googleguides.

Google, Yahoo and Bing all uytilise the site: country term

However where I have found it most useful is when I only want locate something specifically in NZ, as it should filter out any other countries.

In the case of Nelson, we aren’t alone in this great big lovely world of ours.

No, in Nelsons case…… a general search might also turn up…….

B.C. Canada, NSW Australia or Victoria Australia or….

United Kingdom

  • Nelson, Lancashire, in England
  • Nelson, Caerphilly, in Wales
  • perhaps Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, London

United States

  • Nelson, Georgia
  • Nelson, Illinois
  • Nelson, Missouri
  • Nelson, Minnesota
  • Nelson, Nebraska
  • Nelson, New Hampshire
  • Nelson, New York
  • Nelson, Wisconsin

….and I am sure there are others that I haven’t mentioned.

The second tip for today regarding your property search is this….include other nearby suburbs in your search inquiry.

search - where using more can sometimes return less

search - where using more can sometimes return less

For example instead of just typing in “Nelson Real Estate”, you could type in “Nelson Real Estate Stoke Richmond site:nz

In Christchurch for example, instead of just “Christchurch Real Estate” you could type in “Christchurch Real Estate Papanui Merivale St Albans site:nz”

Again DON’T FORGET THE “site:nz” PART.

On many occasions I have found a home for someone, the perfect home, but by geographic boundaries it was not in the suburb that buyer had originally nominated to me.

This is probably the one occasion where widening the search parameters just that little bit, will return a better search experience.

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