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Cheaper Airline Travel – but at a cost?

September 14th 2010

Being “down-under” at the other end of the world means one thing.

new seats about to be introduced to the world next week....

new seats about to be introduced to the world next week....

To get anyway far away, for a Kiwi….it’s always very costly. But hey…..we are no stranger to the concept. Our own award winning Air New Zealand are constantly world leading in new seating/sleeping concepts for long haul.

This may not be the way to do it……but could it also be the way to alleviate the expense on say a short haul Tasman Sea flight.

I’ve seen the double decker sandwich style that Mr Branson liked, and others like those favoured by Michael O’Leary….but this style…….it might just get some traction? One way or the other, my suspicion is that I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this type of idea?

Could high density seating be a goodbye to 31 inches of legroom?

For the full story head on over to….wired.com.

David…..but how does this relate to Nelson Real Estate?

Frankly it definitely does relate to Nelson Real Estate……it not only relates to peoples from afar having easy/cheap/convenient access to NZ, but just as importantly those who may desire a more regular travel frequency. Or just as equally, trans-tasman work commute opportunities.

That being the visitation to/from them of family or friends from those afar places. In any case where this travel cost is substantially reduced,  then I see merits from a real estate perspective. Basically the concept I am trying to get across is the well known to property investors one called the “ripple effect”…..but in this case its across oceans.

New Beer called STOKE launched in Stoke, Nelson

September 14th, 2010

You read that right, NZ now has a new beer named after the suburb where I grew up, live and work in.

Not just that, its brewed by none other than the next generation of the McCashins.

If that name might sound familiar too you, there is a reason.

Practically every Kiwi bloke has heard of, or tasted a beer called “Macs” that was also originally brewed in Stoke, Nelson.

NZ PM of the day Hon. Robert Muldoon with Terry McCashin at the Official Opening ....some time back...(click for more info)

NZ PM of the day Hon. Robert Muldoon with Terry McCashin at the Official Opening ....some time back...(click for more info)

TV3 reports that “We were warned by the then Prime Minister to be careful. He said, ‘do you know, young men, that you’re going up against the two big breweries in the country?’

We knew,” says original Mac’s brewer Jim Pollit.


Terry (McCashin) has been credited as starting the craft beer revolution in New Zealand. When he opened the brewery in 1981, the only other breweries were Lion Nathan and DB. In fact it had been so long since anyone else had applied for a brewing licence, that no one knew where to find the application forms.

....to the world

....to the world

Its made at the exact same spot where ex All Black Terry McCashin started a brewery decades ago, long before Lion Nathan brought out the Macs Ale brand name back in 1999.

if you see this roadside billboard in Main Rd SToke, youre probably just outside the new Stoke bottling plant

if you see this roadside billboard in Main Rd, Stoke, you're probably just outside the new Stoke bottling plant (click to enlarge)

A unique feature of this beer is that the water that goes into making it, is 14,000 years old!

Although only delivered Friday…………..the Nelson Mail with the below headline,

Nelson Mail - Monday 13th September 2010

Nelson Mail - Monday 13th September 2010

reported in Monday nights paper, that a selected local supermarket ……

…….had sold out of Stoke Dark and was also getting low on the amber and gold varieties.

Good news also, the McCashins told the local paper that at trade tastings “people were coming back for seconds and thirds…….”

According to the report, orders have been received from Australian and Canada, but Mrs McCashin told the reporter ….

“we want to fulfil the orders in New Zealand first.”

TV3 News also reported Monday night that;

Dean McCashin, (Terrys son) though, is reluctant to reveal what’s in the new creations.

“Just family recipes,” he says.

PHOTO CREDIT: McCashins Brewery

PHOTO CREDIT: McCashin's Brewery

Going by the photo attached to their latest Press Release, I’d say it would also appear that a previous work colleague of mine, brewer Sam Wilson, might just have something to do with mixing those final ingredients too? 🙂

If you’re curious how its going don’t forget to check out their Facebook page here and see what others think…..

And in case you are asking, “Yes”, yet another advantage of living in Nelson is that local residents can drive down to the shop and buy their summer family reunion picnic needs in keg form.

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