Home for Sale but within walking distance….

September 10th, 2010

Lets say you are considering a move…..usually in the initial prep stages you do one of two things…….jump on the internet, and visit a property portal like the host of this platform (click top upper right of screen to visit) or alternatively you head, for example, straight to Google and type in “houses for sale in Nelson.”

These actions will initially establish a base from which to build your search, no more so than if the home of your new desire is somewhere you don’t know.

However what if what you really wanted to type into Google was “homes for sale in Nelson within walking distance to….?”

Good News there is a resource that will tell you that, but its usually a two step process to find an answer.

1] First you find the property for sale, and note its address

2] armed with that address, head on over to Walkscore, type in that address and see how it rates on the Walkability Index?

this is the sort of number that would make a walker happy

this is the sort of number that would make a walker happy

The site has recently added another string to its bow.

Its introduced a new tab at the top called COMMUTE.

Obviously as the name implies, this is not just about walking.

info thats handy to know

info thats handy to know

No, this time its about you typing in a destination address, for example a possible new workplace or school. It will then offer up information, that more than likely, you didn’t already know.

You’ll get the usual Google Map showing orientation details, but then you’ll also see the elevation of the terrain between the two points (handy for bikers) and some approximate metrics of the trip given different methods of transport.


Google have just added a “Walking Navigation” feature to their product for use on GPS equipped mobile devices, more here.

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SOURCE – walkscore.com