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6 Great Sources to make your NZ Real Estate Blog more visual

September 7th, 2010

Last week in Auckland realestate.co.nz hosted their inaugural conference on the ‘Future of Real Estate’ (Twitter – #forenz)

Due to circumstances, I couldn’t make it, but in the vein of the conference….and admittedly a few days late…… I thought I’d point you in a few good directions.

Starting Out

Its almost like thinking about writing a headline for a Womans Day / New Idea issue isn’t it?

Your first blog post…..in the absence of a news item about Brad Pitt or the Jolie one, what do you say / write to get the readers attention……..

I probably can’t help you on this front…..however I can point you in the direction of some aids that will add some colour / visuals to that post.

But when it comes to making your weblog post, even the first one, enjoyable……almost hesitated to use that term…because 2 folk in our office told me this afternoon that the term was meant to be, to their way of thinking……”readable”…….lets just say we had a constructive debate.

So what can you do?

To add some real visual impact / appeal to your post, then you could certainly do worse than visiting these following places.

1] Veezzle – very comprehensible search portal for royalty free images – NB: do check the individual copyright / creative commons notes though

NOTE TO SELF: must notify the author.......

NOTE TO SELF: must notify the author.......

If you’ve seen something like the above graphic….then its more than likely come from our number 2 candidate today (in the case of the graphic above here – its from http://www.sxc.hu/profile/svilen001)

2] sxc.hu one of the oldest and to many bloggers one of the best – this site is even used by the majors like CNN, Forbes, etc

3] Vector Portal – another that I have only really used this year, but handy…

Scalable Vectors are great to fill/max out a spot/page.......

Vectors are great to fill/max out a spot/page.......why....because they are scalable thats why

………..but well worth a look for something to add “oomph” to your post (NB: if you aren’t sure what a “vector” is then you need to conduct some education…..simply because as a blogger it will be well and truly worth your “future while” to find out what a vector graphic is all about.)

4] Open Clip Art – again another I have only started using this year – but certainly worth a gander

2010 OpenCLips

surely you have used MS Publisher and know what the term clip art is all about

5] Go GetSocial – my favourite end of blog social “tagger”

6-09-2010 7-59-59 p.m.

…. this is the part where a reader can easily – in like a “one click” sort of way share/retweet your post

6] Expono ……great photo/image storage site with very reasonable allowance limit, this is the one I have been using for quite a while now (you do need to set up an account – but its free)


Yes, in regards to the photo department……certainly there are others like Flickr, etc…..and others again, that allow you to geo-tag your photos etc too, but if you’re not quite into that technical dept yet…..these sites will most surely get you up and running.

For me, I’ve found Expono great. The site makes it easy to select and use resized pics and from my experience via the voices platform their images seem to load easier.

© COPYRIGHT – its prudent here and now to advise you about something called royalties – I have been involved with photography since the early 80’s so this topic is one I am very aware of…..but for newbies…..ensure you find out about it.

Here, I’m not going to offer advice…..this subject really is an important one, and one you need to Google / Wikipedia for yourself and be assured of the correct rights usage/terms……..otherwise one day…..one day too late…… down the track you could find yourself in receipt of a lovely hand delivered letter from a major law firm in New York!

Don’t forget …..royalty free does not mean free.

Some photos will require/need – but its in the very fine print, either a “link back” or an “attribution mention.”

This is fine and you should adopt it in your own blog as just good practice to give credit to the original poster. Overall what you want is a image that mentions “Free for private and commercial use.”

It would seem the ones taking risks out there in the blogging world, are those whom use an image for what they think is their “personal” blog….whereas the stakeholder / publishing site / original copyright holder deems that what they are actually operating, is a “commercial” one.

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