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NZ Property Report August 2010 – Nelson Coalface Edition

September 2nd,  2010

The latest NZ Property Report August 2010 was released yesterday, and states…….

“The only provincial areas bucking this trend are Otago and Nelson.”

….hmmm……deja ‘vu moment?

Dec 2007

obviously March 2008

in case you can’t see the small print…..July 2008

above headline way way back in Sept 2008

Oct 2008

……. ditto for the last many years…..if I was to copy all those headlines you’d simply get sick and tired of hitting your PAGE-DOWN key ~ so I have abbreviated it here to just the last few years – its the same message after all


Since last year I’ve pondered if there was any point in even keeping track of the headlines, considering that there don’t really seem to change that much year to year.

But as they say in the movies “just tell me the facts…..”

The above important graphic was contained with-in that 1st September 2010 NZ Property Report.

In many industries a lot of reliance is placed on a little something called ….statistics.

No more so than Real Estate, New Zealands second most popular observer sport.

So this month I am not going to tell you that next to Wellington, Nelson …..for like what must be the 3rd or 4th month running has the second lowest inventory of unsold stock in the whole country.

No this month you can do your own research and ultimately……make your own mind up.

Data Source – www.realestate.co.nz

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