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Important News for Overseas Investors in NZ Property

September 28th, 2010

In a Press Release from The Beehive yesterday, Land Information NZ (LINZ) report;

Minister of Finance Announces New Overseas Investment Rules

The Minister of Finance has announced changes to the Overseas Investment Regulations,……

So across to the Beehive website we go….and we find out that public opinion has had an effect in as much as…

“In recent months, ministers have carefully reviewed the current framework for considering overseas investment applications – particularly in light of issues with respect to farmland ownership,” Mr English says.

Bill English - NZ Government Finance Minster

Bill English - NZ Government Finance Minster

Plenty of column centimetres has been spent over recent months documenting overseas investment in NZ farmland, and I’m sure this has had some effect.

The news tonight reports that;

The Government last year made several changes to simplify overseas investment rules, cut red tape and speed up processing times for applications.

and highlights that over the past 12 months, applications processing time-frames have been reduced from 63 days down to an average of 38 days.

As an aside, the press release states…….

These changes are expected to take effect from December. They will apply to applications received after this date and will not apply retrospectively.

And in the accompanying FAQ, question 6 is, regarding current times & sentiment, quite topical……

6. What do the changes mean for overseas investment applications already submitted?

Applications already submitted will be assessed under the current regulations.  The new regulations will be applied to those investment applications that are made after the new regulations come into force.

1-05-2009 9-19-33 PM

Surely this will be in print media Thursday and syndicated around the world at the same time….so it makes sense if you have overseas buyers that like real estate in popular Nelson, or other popular areas around NZ like Tauranga, Hawkes Bay, Northland, the Coromandel and Queenstown for example, that you are armed with the info when you get that call or email over the next few days……because rest assured the “media” will probably not paint it in a positive light.

To also learn more about two brand new contributors, what is termed the new “economic interests” factor as well as the new “mitigating” factor, head on over to the page here to familiarize yourself with the details…

Press Release – Bill English ~ Finance Minister

Calling Realtor Speilberg’s, Cameron’s and Jackson’s

September 27th, 2010

Want to be the next Spielberg or Jackson, but a Realtor version?

Today I have seen the future, and that future is well and truly mobile.

What am I talking about?

Multi-Cam Director

Picture this……

At the last sales conference you found out about HD Video, and how enticing and exciting it could make a watchable Real Estate Virtual Tour.

No, no, not those “throw 15 photos into a slideshow and add music type’s”, I’m talking about the full on Steven Speilberg / Peter Jackson production type variety.

But that costs megabucks?

Not anymore.

What if you could control 2 or 3 other mobile phone cameras in your own directors suite, on your own mobile phone! Yes you read that right.

Some things are best explained visually – so time to cue the obligatory Youtube video.

Now after watching that, your brain should be racing with ideas?

I can imagine at the Agents caravan, each agent picking out something they love or first noticed about the home, meanwhile you’re also at the property directing all of this and mixing it together on your mobile phone.

Then that video gets immediately sent out to your list of “hot buyers”….well maybe theirs too?

Just think of the possibilities for Real Estate?

At this stage there’s just one catch, best explained …….

Samsung Canada is wanting to develop an android app for the OS and its galaxy phone line. Our development team suggested an idea, the Multi-Cam Director App. The more votes/comments/likes the app gets, the greater chance it has to be funded and made.

So head on over to the Android Forums page here and vote for it.

I’m sure I’m only scratching the surface, perhaps at a first open home for inspection, or at an auction, 2 or 3 other Galaxys providing live feeds into the phone with the mixing director app would make for a fabulous agent / company testimonial, or even immediate upload to Youtube of todays just held lunchtime auction.

At this stage each Realtor would need to have a Samsung Galaxy S Phone. However as its running the Android 2.1 Operating System, its not inconceivable that this system could in the future be licensed to work with other phones.


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A Historic Character Home in Nelson

September 26th, 2010

Is such a property high on your shopping list when looking to buy real estate in Nelson?

If you are looking at an older character home for sale in Nelson, well more central / inner Nelson…….then there’s a few things you show be aware of.

With many older character houses in Nelson, it’s not just the outside that needs to be kept up-to-date, there is also the matter of thoroughly checking the inside too, issues like insulation and electrical wiring being of particular importance.

best described....needs some TLC...

best described....needs some TLC...

However any changes to that “outside” will more than likely involve visitations to the local council, who obviously don’t want some modernist take on history to effect what is really Nelsons throwback to its past.

With a view to assisting such home owners, and to aid this, the Nelson City Council produces their……

Residential heritage precinct design guides

…which they describe as thus……

To assist owners of properties located within heritage precincts, Council has developed a series of design guides to ensure developments occur within manner sympathetic to their environment. The guides give a visual description of the precinct and provide ways of adapting and building properties in those areas.

They pay specific attention to the following important heritage precinct areas;

Inner City – click here for PDF

Alton Street – click here for PDF

Dear Cottages – click here for PDF

Fountain Placeclick here for PDF

Russell St, Nelson - Port Nelson side

Russell Street  – click here for PDF

Seymour Avenue  – click here for PDF

Elliott Street – click here for PDF

South Street  – click here for PDF

one of Nelsons oldest homes

Now if the property you are looking at on the internet is in one of these streets, it might just pay to investigate these links, …………

especially if the property is in any way described as “in need of TLC”, is a “bit tired” or hints at a “do-up.”

RELATED – Nelson City Council website – design guides section

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The Great Kiwi Road Trip – starting in Nelson

September 22nd, 2010

Our national motoring organisation has launched a new website and an associated competition that celebrates what Kiwis already know.

....not the Holden?

....not the Holden?

The Road Trip.

We are truly blessed with some unique topography and modern cars need no longer worry about stopping at the top of the Kaimais or the top of Takaka Hill to let the radiator boil and cool down.

I was down at Tahunanui Beach today having a quick lunch break and coffee and the person I was with commented, “look up.”


I did and there was blue sky….but that wasn’t the reason why I was looking up….no to the west the Western ranges were covered in cloud that looked very much like snow cloud….and to the east behind us again clouds…although they looked more like rain clouds than snow ladden ones.

And then it hit me…..Nelson again was trying hard to edge up on its annual sunshine hours tally all by itself. Over the Nelson city area, and nearby coastal zone – there were no clouds just a perfect blue sky. And yes it did hit me, because not 5 minutes earlier I had been in the car and the 12 noon news was on the radio. It seemed we were about the only place in NZ enjoying a blue sky & sunshine according to media reports.

I digress…..back to the Road Trip, the AA have launched a new website to celebrate the driving experience that is the quintessential…… “Kiwi Road Trip.”

The site offers you the opportunity to start your road trip from any one of 23 designated NZ locations.

starting from here...

starting from here...

Then…well off you go…..

If you did select Nelson the site offers two different trips.

The first one is a very scenic trip with plenty of stop-overs, a visit to NZ’s smallest National Park, Abel Tasman and an AA recommended trip time of 3 days to get over to Picton.

As the AA Great Kiwi Road Trip site explains thus;

On the outskirts of Takaka are Te Waikoropupu Springs – the world’s clearest freshwater springs. Te Waikoropupu Springs, known as Pupu Springs, is Golden Bay’s most popular and famous attraction. The spring system is New Zealand’s largest and among the 100 largest in the world.

The springs are wahi tapu (a sacred site) to Maori and the water from the springs has been used for healing and ceremonial blessings. From Te Waikoropupu Springs, a route inland passes through the Aorere Valley, past the old-world atmosphere of Langford’s Store to the Aorere Goldfields (where the first flush of gold fever happened in 1857).

There is more than enough things to keep your eyes busy as the downloadable map guides you around the region.

For me that would have to be the longest recorded trip I have ever heard of….but when you see the fantastic itinerary they set you can see why.

That oughta give you plenty of time to not only see for yourself, but also to enjoy what our sunny region of NZ has to offer.

The second trip they recommend is one very familiar to Nelsonians, heck I travel it at least every 2 months, and that is the trip to Christchurch.

click to see more details about the trip....

click to see more details about the trip....

But hey don’t just let me tell you about it, head on over there yourself, you might even win a Mazda 2 car or other prizes.

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Schools in Nelson

September 21st, 2010

Today I have placed some more info on Nelson schools here on this site.

The preferred method I have decided to use is that of a visual one, courtesy of  Community Walk, a great site where you too can make your own maps.

You’ll notice that I have also included this in my main title bar at the top most of my home page too.

This will be a work in progress, so to be best kept up to date on what schools are available in the Nelson region, its  probably best to click there.

Schools with-in the Nelson City Zone

Schools with-in the Nelson City Zone

You’ll see an image of a map, but you’ll need to click on that map to be transferred to the actual map site.

Be happy to answer any readers queries about the subject too.

RELATED INFO here too.

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