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Blimey – what is it with this iPhone thing?

August 23rd, 2010

Again, my attention is drawn to yet one more real estate related app from the iTunes store.

What mood are you in today?

What mood are you in today?

This time around its “makeuseof” that have done the favour – directing me to this app by none other than Jack Welch’s old company.

Ok – what does it do?

Well, lets let them explain……

Change your mood with the GE Mood Cam! Take a picture of a room (or any scene!), then watch the mood change as you shift the lighting using the GE Moodometer. Learn how to create the look at home, and even save a shopping list for a quick, easy way to find the right bulbs in the lighting aisle.

Quite neat really.

how are you feeling today?

how are you feeling today?

Above is the most important screenshot of the app, depicting here the main “mood” screen.

Could this save you a heck of a lot of money on an interior decorator?

SOURCE – makeuseof.com

Nelson Weekly Rental Rates – August 2010 Update

August 23rd, 2010

Information on rental rates in a locality can serve a couple of main purposes;

1] assist home buyers moving into the region with their temporary or permanent accommodation budgets

2] enable out of town investors to plan/budget/forecast potential returns for an investment property in Nelson

3] provide a source of temporary accommodation for property buyers or sellers “in transit” so to speak.

Here is the latest Market Rent update for the Nelson City region courtesy of the Dept of Building & Housing for the period 01-Feb-2010 to 31-Jul-2010

This information is compiled from bonds lodged.

23-08-2010 nsn central- north

All chart source data comes from New Zealands Department of Building and Housing.

23-08-2010 Tahuna - port
23-08-2010 Stoke

As is plain to see when comparing the three charts, town (Nelson Central) is made up of a more densely packed population, hence the larger number of small bedroom number flats and apartments.

At the other end of the spectrum is Stoke, along with its wider choice of all age schooling options. This is evidenced in the preponderance of “normal residential family” homes, when compared to flats/apartments.

As of the most recently compiled data, this is what people are paying weekly to rent a property in Nelson.

DATA SOURCE – NZ Department of Building and Housing

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