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Now its LJ Hookers turn to launch their own iPhone App

August 11th, 2010

Being the sunshine capital of NZ the day to day meanderings of the sun are very important to us locals. In fact, we haven’t lost out too many times lately.

More often than not, its one of, if not the main reason why someone moves here.

Along with a re-jig of their website, Australasian franchise group LJ Hooker have just launched a new Real Estate iPhone app.

And not just any little app either.

TPE – The Photographers Emphersis (sample screen)

TPE – The Photographers Emphersis (sample screen)

I’ve shown many times here the benefits of online sunshine/sun direction climate aids like Gaisma.com, The Photographers Emphersis (above), the US governments Solarcalc and who can forget, the sun shader button on Google Earth.

All great stuff for real estate buyers when it comes to finding out which direction the sun rises, falls, its angles and how much daytime sun there is, at any time of the year.

LJ Hooker iphone app

It would seem according to their blurb, mobile help is at hand when it comes to answering the “which way is north?”*** question.

They are going to be bundling a like program, “Sunlocator” with their iPhone app download.

So – at this stage if you are an iPhone owner, and want to check it out, head over here.

*** that’s what it is for us down under, northern hemisphere folk will be asking “which way is south?”

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Thinking of Moving? – “Want to Win a Car?”

August 11th, 2010

Great News. Regular readers will know I rarely use this medium as a pure advertising place, but on this occasion I just have to share.

Hot on the heels of re-confirming our commitment for another 3 years to the local Summit Rescue Helicopter, comes this.

Summit have just launched their Spring Campaign.


As an added incentive to list your property (& to sell) you have the chance to win** a car.

Along with a years fuel** and $1000 worth of accessories.**

This is not a nationwide contest, someone in our own region, a home seller in the Nelson / Marlborough regions that Summit Real Estate serves, will win, so the odds aren’t bad.



If you’re looking to add your property to the “homes for sale in nelson” search, there’s now yet another reason to go with the Top of the Souths largest Real Estate company.

** – some conditions apply phone David (0274 111 700)  for more details

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