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Nelson rate lowest in New Zealand

August 9th 2010

One subject no one really likes to talk about, or rather hear about today – is the subject of unemployment.

Usually when the topic comes up, its in a non-positive way.

6-08-2010 9-45-20 p.m.

Figures just out Friday from Statistics NZ tell the story that we still haven’t turned the corner yet, and in fact as a country, unemployment is rising.

It would suggest that there isn’t a bright light shining on the horizon just yet…..and in their own words…

…… indicates a period of volatility in the labour market.

Statistics NZ manager of Labour Market Statistics, Peter Gardiner, cautions;

“These movements indicate that the labour market is still adjusting to the changing economic climate.”

Undoubtedly there would have been a high component of seasonal labour out of work, however the facts are that in the June 2010 quarter, the number of people unemployed jumped up by 19,000 to 159,000. 79% of this increase was made up of unemployed males,  while the number of unemployed females rose by 4,000 (6.4 percent) to 74,000.

So where does Nelson figure in this.

I think you get the picture from the photo above.

To view and read the full article from the Nelson Mail, head over here.