Moving Soon????

August 6th 2010

I’ll be the first to admit it, when you are busy day to day, focused on doing your job right ……..your mind doesn’t really get too many opportunities to wander.

However for others that’s easier said than done.

So many thanks to the folk at,  here, yet again, is another great site to visit if you are planning on moving soon.


Reason is….with their help…..and the assistance of another site called……..they are going to make your job a lot easier.


At this site you can download the Moving Label Kit.

And why….…what does it include….?


Well for starters, I’ll let them tell you….

Included in the Moving Label Kit: master list, fragile labels, this side up labels, customize tags for each room, To and From, beware glass, shipping label size and more……..

If someone else has realised that folks might need a hand, its gotta be worth a look, after all why re-invent the wheel when someone else has done a perfectly good 2010 job already.

They also go over and above by telling you what size label you should buy when you visit your local Warehouse Stationery or Office Products Depot….

Label sizes to use:

  • Or your can just print it out on paper, cut and use tape to stick -:)

Isn’t the Internet just fantastic?


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