Want For Sale Property Details – Just point Your Phone

August 5th, 2010

Curb appeal will never have been more important than it will become soon.


Property Info Screen

Property Info Screen

Well, because Augmented Reality apps like the one officially just released by CBA will allow potential home buyers to find out all the For Sale info simply by driving down a street, and aiming/pointing their mobile phone (obviously for it to be situationally aware of its location the mobile phone would need to be a GPS enabled one) at the home.

Click pic to see video.....

Click pic to see video.....

Currently this Augmented Reality Real Estate application for Home Buyers is in Australia only, and would appear to be an iPhone only app, but surely soon they will be here in NZ too, and really open up some possibilities.


Buyers can drive straight to a suburb of their choice, and then down streets of there choosing and immediately get comprehensive data on their phone, not only of FOR SALE properties, but like the above video demonstrates, comparable pricing of recently sold neighbouring properties.

Like the Internet, the property has the ability to be virtually viewed 24hrs a day.

For Real Estate buyers looking in areas like Nelson, Tauranga, Queenstown….holiday / lifestyle / convention type towns….anyone in town on a short trip (read not the time to ph and make a viewing appt with a Real Estate person) can in less than 30 seconds find out as much as they probably want to know at that stage. Plus they don’t need to find a pen & paper to write it down, just send the info / link via email to themselves and it will there when they get back home.


Homes that present non-positively from the street make notice a reduction in viewings.

Agents less in control of viewing (“prepping the property”) times.

If iPhones apps are already being used in Emergency Rooms, then apps like this one are sure to be “basic kit” for tomorrows Real Estate property purchaser I’d say.

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