Fish ~ Can you have too much of a good thing?

Down under in the antipodes we are fortunate enough to have a couple of things in common with the other island across the ditch, something that our northern hemisphere cousins, perhaps don’t.

Perhaps its those wide open blue spaces, with so much ocean space only interrupted by mountainous wind swept terrain either side.

Oceans ...abound....

Oceans ...abound....

Oceans abound – to the west, in a direct line of sight from Nelson, it’s about 107km west, and to the east something like 66km. Literally that’s the furtherest we are from the sea in these latitudes.

Regular readers of my blog site will know we live on the doorstep of Tasman Bay in the Top of the South of the South Island in NZ, and furthermore that Nelson is the largest fishing port in Australasia.

So it figures that all local residents are very cognizant of the importance of the sea in the local scheme of things.

Cue the “Blessing of the Fleet” a few weeks back to hint at this. We are also fortunate enough to live in a part of the world that is not dominated by Coal fired Power Stations, or other such CO2 friendly things.

In the sort of words that only a pro wordsmith can write;

New Zealand’s Regal Salmon has hooked another prestigious international award. Hot on the heels of its success at the iTQi awards in Belgium, Regal Smoked Salmon Pastrami has landed the meat and smallgoods award at the 6th annual Food Magazine Challenge Awards in Australia.

So it seems local seafood suppliers are definitely doing something right.

Papers over the last month have talked about the new “thoroughly debatable” ease of access Kiwis have to fish at a supposed “reasonable price”, as long as it’s a not caught in NZ waters fish. Let me tell you if I was to find out that my local fish & chippo was supplementing this stuff for locally sourced off-shore Kiwi stuff, I would be pretty cranky & I don’t think I am alone in saying that, NZ Fish & Chip takeaway shop owners should apply caution here.

too much of a good thing......

too much of a good thing......

Anyway I digress…..the news today (as pictured above) is that our success in Nelson has now resulted in a bit of a fail!


New Zealand King Salmon, transport the sprat (I should mention here that the reason they are bred over the hill, is that it means they are bred in the clearest water in the whole world – don’t worry Guinness can confirm that) from Takaka to the Marlborough Sounds….whereupon the finished product is brought back from Marlborough to Nelson.

NZ King Salmon have told the local paper – The Nelson Mail, that they are currently turning away 25 tons (yes you read that right 25,000kgs of Salmon!) of orders a WEEK! Don’t know about you but last time I was down at the river mouth my catch didn’t quite equate to 0.01% percent of that.

With 267 people being born and approx. 108 dying every minute on this planet, and combining this with the rocketing population of places like the sub-continent and other zones, there is no doubt that food will really become an issue in the future.

In fact hinting at this supply and demand equation, Chief of NZ King Salmon, Mr Rosewarne told the Nelson Mail reporter this week that;

It was having to tell some long-standing export customers it could no longer meet their orders because others were prepared to pay more for the limited supply.

To enable the quality of food to continue, I suspect that some suppliers will be able to charge premiums to the market, and Salmon may unfortunately, just get more unaffordable.