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International / NZ Papers now online free for Nelsonians

August 30th, 2010

About a year ago when I subscribed to the local paper the Nelson Mail, they also made mention that the paper could be accessed digitally too.


After registering and getting accustomed to the service, it all came to an halt once the “trial online subscription” ran out. They wanted payment not just for the physical papers delivered to my mailbox each week, but also another payment sub for the online version.

At that stage I thought one was enough so went with the newspaper print version.

Then about 6 months or so back I got wind that the local council, Nelson City Council that is………allow you to use this online resource as a part of your library card membership.

And I’ve been using it ever since, its great.

I discovered that thinking most everyone was aware of this, was an error in my judgment.

I have spoken to quite a few over the last month or so, and most were none the wiser such a resource existed, and that it was available to all Nelson City Council library card holders.

UK ex pats living in Nelson Bays can read the paper the day of publication

UK ex pats living in Nelson Bays can read the paper the day of publication, and in the format they are used

Over the last 10 ~ 20 years the Nelson Bays region has become much more cosmopolitan, and its not uncommon to hear US, German and UK accents every day while traveling in the area.

A service like this will be a boon to these folk so that they can, if they want, keep up to date with happenings back home and share in discussion with friends and family when next they talk on the phone.

1400 papers

Quite a few papers available actually......

My interest was piped again a few weeks back when I noticed the local council via their Nelson Life householder delivered print medium discussing PressDisplay again.

This time they were mentioning it as part of “Library Week”, where they were holding demonstrations in the library to show folk what it was and how to use it.

samples avail. at 4pm today

examples of current Editions avail. at 4pm today

The list of features is actually quite surprising

1] the layout is exactly the same as a print newspaper

2] for any overseas newspapers, you read them in their original languages

3] translation is available for most articles (into and out of English)

4] options are there to email or print articles (watermarks are inserted)

5] content search is comprehensive within a specific newspaper, or across selected, or all, newspapers. This includes classifieds, notices and adverts.

6] most New Zealand papers are online as soon as they are produced, in the format in which they are printed. This includes the Nelson Mail, and the weekly Friday produced Nelson Property Press

7] text can be enlarged, or headphones can be utilized to listen to an audio version of selected articles

The Papers online equivalents are available for 60 days from date of publication.

In fact its amusing to see that Flip-Pad app for the Apple iPad is actually going back to the future with their implementation of a newspaper /magazine style layout aggregation of social media mediums.

So if you are a NCC library card holder head on over to PressDisplay here.

barcode here

Just enter your library card barcode number as shown above, and you’ll be in.

For further info…….

Ask at the Libraries or check our website

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World First Rugby World Cup 2011 Fixture opens in Nelson

August 29th, 2010

And it’s all because of Bill. In case you were not aware that’s the nickname of the Webb Ellis Trophy – the Cup I’m looking at below.

The same one that all those qualifying rugby teams from around the globe will be playing for next year in New Zealand at the Rugby World Cup 2011, with 2 official matches right here at our newly upgraded Trafalgar Park, in Nelson.

Bill & I yesterday contemplating his move to NZ in 2011

Nelsons upgraded Trafalgar Park was opened officially yesterday morning, jointly by Nelson Mayor Kerry Marshall…..

World First in Nelson

World First in Nelson

……….and local Nelson Member of Parliament, Dr Nick Smith.

Official Trafalgar Park Upgrade unveiling - Saturday August 28th 2010

Official Trafalgar Park Upgrade unveiling - Saturday August 28th 2010

New Zealands RWC 2011 supremo, Martin Sneddon was also there, and mentioned “fond” memories of playing on the field back in the mid 1980’s, when as the skies got darker, cars were quickly assembled on the embankments, with all then turning on their headlights to assist with the completion of the game.

Martin Sneddon sharing a fond memory of Trafalgar Park.....

Martin Sneddon sharing a fond memory of Trafalgar Park.....

Whats World First?

Trafalgar Parks turf has been growing nicely thank you to the $7.4m upgrade, for the last 6 months on top of what is a world first for a Rugby playing field. Glass! Yes a bed of Glass.

Comparing the two sands - spot the Heinekens?

Underneath that green stuff is a base of crushed glass, no not as those science boffins know that silica is, I’m talking about real crushed glass.

Good drainage is the key

Good drainage is the key

The chap from Opus joked that if you look at it finely enough you can make out the Heineken, Speights Old Dark and Tui bottles from their obvious respective colours.

Opus were the main project managers, working alongside many other local architects and suppliers. In fact this point was made loud and clear by Mayor Marshall who indicated the council had a massive preference to source the work locally wherever possible.

on a very non-Nelson type of weather day....

on a very non-Nelson type of weather day....

2,800,000kg of the stuff

While thanking the government for their $1.5m contribution, Mayor Kerry Marshall, mentioned sustainability as the cornerstone of the new Trafalgar Park upgrade where 2,800,000 kg of recycled glass was used to make the playing field, thats 7% of the total amount of glass accumulated in one year in the South Island.

He also mentioned the Cricket Pitch that was a feature in the middle of the old Trafalgar Park, had also been recycled.

Fittingly, 40 m2 of that dirt, including its foundation Waikari clay, (“best stuff to use for a cricket pitch” – according to Mayor Marshall) has been transferred up to Nelson Boys College, the birthplace of Rugby in NZ.

Related photos about this here.

NZs Oldest Rugby Club

NZ's Oldest Rugby Club

I suggest fittingly considering their links to the establishment of the game of rugby in New Zealand.
One of the understated features of the new glass sand, is that in each of the coming 30 years (that’s how long the Mayor said it should last) any top-ups required to maintain the grounds “as new” can be completed with almost scientific precision. The reason why is that the original composition is documented so clearly its almost like a recipe out of a cooking book, so apparently relatively easy to top up / replace, and match the exact same grading of the sand particles.

Kerry Nick and Bill

Local Member of Parliament, Nick Smith mentioned in his speech that he believed Kiwi’s really hadn’t grasped the enormity of the coming 2011 Rugby World Cup. To highlight this he said it was the 3rd biggest sporting event in the world. To put it in perspective, he added New Zealand will probably not see an Olympic Games, and it was just as unlikely that a FIFA Football World Cup would grace our shores either.

....Game on!

....Game on!

So this World Cup will be, and quite possibly will stand in history, as the largest sporting event ever to take place in New Zealand.

Upcoming Matches at Trafalgar Park 2010

Upcoming Matches at Trafalgar Park 2010

Nelson Bays/Marlboroughs own Mako’s have a few home games here this year.

Lets home they repeat the formula shown last weekend……………

Win or Lose - everyone can now see

Win or Lose - everyone can now see

where they beat last years defending champions, Canterbury, 27 to 25.

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Nelson Vs National Unsold Inventory Stocks

August 26th, 2010

On behalf of an overseas client looking to buy a home in Nelson, I have just been reviewing the recent inventory stats from last months NZ Property Report, which comes out on the 1st of each month.

Unsold Inventory per Region - JULY 2010

Unsold Inventory per Region - JULY 2010

You might be interested to see that Nelson has, just like last June, finished up at the end of the month with the 2nd lowest volume (on a per weeks basis) of unsold property inventory across New Zealand.

Its interesting because when you consider that the national number is up in the mid forties, we are experiencing a quite major 40% difference to this number.

DATA – NZ Property Report

Blimey – what is it with this iPhone thing?

August 23rd, 2010

Again, my attention is drawn to yet one more real estate related app from the iTunes store.

What mood are you in today?

What mood are you in today?

This time around its “makeuseof” that have done the favour – directing me to this app by none other than Jack Welch’s old company.

Ok – what does it do?

Well, lets let them explain……

Change your mood with the GE Mood Cam! Take a picture of a room (or any scene!), then watch the mood change as you shift the lighting using the GE Moodometer. Learn how to create the look at home, and even save a shopping list for a quick, easy way to find the right bulbs in the lighting aisle.

Quite neat really.

how are you feeling today?

how are you feeling today?

Above is the most important screenshot of the app, depicting here the main “mood” screen.

Could this save you a heck of a lot of money on an interior decorator?


Nelson Weekly Rental Rates – August 2010 Update

August 23rd, 2010

Information on rental rates in a locality can serve a couple of main purposes;

1] assist home buyers moving into the region with their temporary or permanent accommodation budgets

2] enable out of town investors to plan/budget/forecast potential returns for an investment property in Nelson

3] provide a source of temporary accommodation for property buyers or sellers “in transit” so to speak.

Here is the latest Market Rent update for the Nelson City region courtesy of the Dept of Building & Housing for the period 01-Feb-2010 to 31-Jul-2010

This information is compiled from bonds lodged.

23-08-2010 nsn central- north

All chart source data comes from New Zealands Department of Building and Housing.

23-08-2010 Tahuna - port
23-08-2010 Stoke

As is plain to see when comparing the three charts, town (Nelson Central) is made up of a more densely packed population, hence the larger number of small bedroom number flats and apartments.

At the other end of the spectrum is Stoke, along with its wider choice of all age schooling options. This is evidenced in the preponderance of “normal residential family” homes, when compared to flats/apartments.

As of the most recently compiled data, this is what people are paying weekly to rent a property in Nelson.

DATA SOURCE – NZ Department of Building and Housing

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