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Money left over from Higher Profile Advertising

July 24th, 2010

Heads Up for sellers here.


The advice here is that if you go with the Higher Profile advertising that many organisations, just like my company offers, then either read the fine point or get a commitment from the agent that………….

If I sign up for a 4-6 week campaign and the home sells in a week do I get a full refund less just that weeks higher profile advertising already spent?

There is usually one exception to this, and it happens to all companies because of a thing called “deadlines.” Therefore depending on how early in the week your property sells (goes unconditional) it still may not be possible to pull the advert from that current weeks forthcoming Friday/Sat/Sun advertising.

As an aside, there are other obvious exceptions to any high profile campaign too, items like Internet Feature advertising or a Large photo sign board, these are the usual standard fixed costs, generally requiring payment to each respective supplier up front, and as such would not typically be subject to any type of refund situation.

These being the exceptions though, there is no reason in the world that you cannot expect to get a refund for any monies not committed or spent on any type of print media campaign. I have yet to hear of a Newspaper that asks for all the money up front for a 4-6 week campaign.

The reason for writing this is that I have this week come across a seller who sold their last property with another company some time back, and yes they sold in a week…..but no they could and did not get a refund of the many thousands they had written the Marketing Fund cheque out for.