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REFs Choice – July 19th Edition


This is what happens when a Real Estate Agent tries to


wear two hats, that of a Real Estate Agent and that of a professional “Home Stager.”

Very interesting take on window dressing is all I can say.

And another……

See I went to this course on “Home Staging” and…


they taught you how to “stage” a house for sale.

Glad I went……

And this agent……

It really does look like he didn’t attend the training course on Home Staging that day….


Really how hard would it have been to move the chairs.

Then again if the agent didn’t have the time to do that then its no wonder……

1. the desk/file trays left of the computer are a mess

2. items haven’t been removed off the bed

3.the rubbish bin removed to take the picture.

Produce a Hotel Style Bedroom at Home – Makeover

Theres something about hotel bedrooms.

........the starchy pillows?

........the starchy pillows?

Is it the number or size or volume of the pillows?

Perhaps its the symmetry that helps align  things after a stressful day at work?

Whatever it is, few will argue that in many good hotels, the bedrooms are definitely a comforting place, and an easy place to fall asleep in. Others say that is down to the design of the room, the furniture and the surroundings and soundproofing.

That said, you can’t exactly do everything, budget withstanding, to the equivalent of a hotel in the space of your own bedroom.

MD of leading UK hotel design specialist Occa Home, Kate Mooney, seems to be the person responsible for the videos and tips above hosted at housetohome.co.uk.

click to go there...

click to go there...

However courtesy of that UK site, housetohome, you can go quite a long part of the way there yourself.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the other great inspirational makeover type videos there too;

Click above to be taken to the site.....

Click above to be taken to the site.....

How to create a hotel-style bathroom.

…..and while you’re at it…..

How to create the perfect boy’s bedroom – SEE VIDEO


How to create the perfect girl’s bedroom – SEE VIDEO

Great tips here.

SOURCE – http://www.housetohome.co.uk