Houseowners – Infared shows us your Thermals?

July 13th, 2010
Sometimes folks can’t see what’s right in front of their eyes. Oftentimes it needs more of an overview look, a helicopter plane view if you will.
In fact, up above, now that’s the perfect way to see whats going on down there, and show homeowners what they aren’t doing right about insulation?
Cue the Christchurch City Councils just fabulous thermal overlay with Google Earth.

Standard Google Earth Photo ( to enlarge)

Standard Google Earth Photo ( to enlarge)

Going to an sample area in the Christchurch City Councils catchment ….we see…things just as we normally do in Google Earth.
However, once we activate the thermal imaging overlay,  a totally different story emerges now…doesn’t it?

Same photo - thermal overlay activated ( to enlarge)

Same photo - thermal overlay activated ( to enlarge)

I feel all councils in New Zealand should use our rates for such useful info.

This sort of thermal imaging info should be available to every homeowner in New Zealand not only because it would be useful in your current home owner status, but it would be a fantastic tool for when the time comes when you find yourself looking to buy another home.

Now, if you are lucky to be in the Christchurch City Councils zone, you can do just that…..

click here to try it out......

click here to try it out......

…..see exactly how that home you were thinking of buying stands up in the energy leakage/retention stakes.

Lately the Belgians have shown the way with their “Zoom into your Roof” online project, covering populated areas of the whole country!

As shown in the presentation (see source credit below), Sydney has had a go at it too, yet Christchurch in the good ole South Island is the first to do this in New Zealand. (they have been talking about it for a while though)

Until the local Nelson City Council flies a plane at night in wintertime, something like this will just be a dream for any Nelson Real Estate buyers.


Come to think of it, with the record frost of the year so far…this morning in Nelson, around about now would’ve been good.

Likewise as we don’t yet have a New Zealand wide equivalent rating system like the UK’s Predicted Energy Assessments (PEA) Certificates that I spoke about here just a few days ago, it’s the next best thing short of a full blown thermal inspection of the property, and as I’m sure you are aware, those aren’t free.

SOURCE – Thermal Map of Christchurch Presentation (Energy Awareness Week. 3 – 8 May 2010)

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