You want Permanent Materials or……

July 12th, 2010

Many buyers/investors have been advised to always look for a Permanent Materials home.

However in the real world not all first home buyers have that choice.

Naturally we live in a supply & demand world, therefore the fact that many pernament material exterior houses in Nelson are more expensive in general than say, a Weatherboard home,  means those first time buyers may find themselves constrained by budget limitations.

DATA - BRANZ to enlarge

DATA - BRANZ to enlarge

Begs the question then,  just how long do those exterior coverings last in New Zealand? BRANZ to the rescue with the above chart taken out of their Wall Cladding Life Cycle Analysis Tool spreadsheet.

If you’d like to conduct your own calculations and some interesting costings click on shot of their website below, and scroll down to Wall Cladding Life Cycle Analysis Tool to download the spreadsheet and try it out for yourself.

Click to go to TOOLBOX at BRANZ

Click to go to TOOLBOX at BRANZ


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