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Green Star New Zealand Rating Tool

July 9, 2010

Coming soon, residential homeowners will be welcomed to GREENSTAR.

Greenstar New Zealand

Greenstar New Zealand

This new tool is being developed to assist homeowners with advice / classification on the performance/rating of their dwelling and to also cater for any future improvements.

Notably the tool is being tailor designed specifically for New Zealand conditions.

Over at Greenstar it looks like we are seeing the results of this collaboration between BRANZ, Beacon Pathway and the NZ Green Building council.

From the domestic homeowner point of view, it would appear the site is still a work in progress. BRANZ’s site indicates somethings coming….yet there is a whole new site called Greenstar – so in putting 2 + 2 together here I suspect that Greenstar is the site they were talking about. However it looks like they are well down the track with the commercial and industrial segments of the market…..residential hopefully soon to follow.

Americans have the LEED system (I believe it’s a voluntary one) while England has a similar thing in the Code for Sustainable Homes. (mandatory) The English also have the compulsory Energy Performance Certificate. They also have a similar associated chart called the Environmental Impact (CO2) Rating Chart for how eco-friendly the building is/was.

We’ve become accustomed to seeing these type of ratings on new refrigerators, new washing machines, etc….so it makes sense on homes too.

UK EPC Graph

UK EPC Graph

This UK PEA graph is a good thing for home owners, especially those living in cooler climates. More info on Predicted Energy Assessments (PEA) graphs here.

With the price of electricity and other fuels on an inexorable march upwards, NZ home owners should be able to access this type of info about their desired purchase, and its topics are even more relevant, the further south you travel in New Zealand.

Greenstar will be a site on my list of “periodical check backs” to see how they are going.

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