REFs Choice July 8th

1. When it absolutely has to be there overnight, who do you call?

It was dark when I got there……..Hmmm?

2. Watching you

Quite eery really......

Quite eery really......

lets hope prospective buyers aren’t superstitious?

3. Quick – what was that…..

Hope photographer got a Model Release signed.....

Hope photographer got a Model Release signed.....

oh just a Real Estate Agent with a camera…..

4. Beds made….

5. This time we are selling the size of the…..

…unsure about this one……..?

In light of some uninvited guest paying visits to homes on the market unannounced and at times when the owners aren’t always home, then this type of photo could be deemed inappropriate.

6. A bedroom scene

Will go so far as to say it doesn’t show it, in its best light I think.

7. Feature of this room is…

…patented new style Window Opener, roof mounted too.

8. And our friend is at it again…the manager said you have to take a certain number of photographs for the internet listing

Photo 1 – from this angle

now I’ll move a bit for the next Photo 2

and a slightly different angle on this one, Photo 3

Whew – that’ll do it.