Refs Choice – July 2nd

REF’s Choice – July 2nd Edition

Photography that could be improved ….. without too much effort!

I know they said “add a bit of colour” but really 10 seconds of tidying up here could have made a much more inviting photo.

Ditch the rug – yes I know you liked it but you aren’t selling “your home” remember you are selling a buyer their “new home” and this fails on 2 counts;

1. with such a domineering pattern a buyers personal thoughts /feelings are being overwhelmed by this inclusion

2. with the rug out of the photo the room will appear more spacious than it presently looks.

Maybe I don’t need to say anything about this – you can work it out yourself.

And lastly……..don’t forget most times you are striving for that lived in look. And no, putting the chairs there does not make the room look bigger…….

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