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Nelsonians putting back into the local region

July 31, 2010

A few days ago the CEO of wrote a piece on his blog that drew attention to the fact that many companies in Real Estate do indeed make a real effort to put something back into the community.

2010 Summit Rescue Helicopter Appeal Day Overall Results

2010 Summit Rescue Helicopter Appeal Day Overall Results

With that in mind, I’m proud to say that the team at Summit in Stoke, of which I’m a member, received this thank you from the Summit Rescue Helicopter.

As an office our team in Stoke raised the most – thanks to the generosity of local residents. Even though it was cold, it was certainly worth being out collecting on the day, many folks had stories, and earlier in the day while I was standing outside the local New World collecting, a young lady came up with a healthy donation, and said yes my Mum was rescued that past weekend.

Even at Summit you don’t have to look far to see the lives it touches, at least 3 Summit agents or partners have had unscheduled trips in the Rescue Chopper over the last few years.

Each branch, each & every real estate salesperson and each management team support the Rescue Chopper with funding. I am lead to believe the amount approaches a six figure sum each year, and Summit have just this year, re-affirmed their commitment again to the Rescue Helicopter organisation.

Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel

Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel

If you are curious where the chopper is now or from whence its last mission was, click on the picture above and you’ll be taken to a “live-GPS-view” from the chopper itself.

Want to start a Business in New Zealand?

July 29th, 2010

Launch of new-look government business website

As if a gentle reminder was needed, BNZ Chief Economist Tony Alexander reinforced it for all in the audience this morning in Nelson, we lead Australia in the numbers of small businesses operating when directly compared to them.

Site Re-Launch today
Site Re-Launch today

So its good news to see a further initiative from the government for this sector.

According to Small Business Minister Maurice Williamson, a new-look government website was launched today. Per the news release, the portal was originally created in 2007 and has now been updated.

IRD Tool for Business

IRD Tool for Business

Referring to the new site, Mr Williamson is reported as saying, its been redeveloped to be a first-stop-shop for businesses in New Zealand……………..

Get a Business Health Checkup

Get a Business Health Checkup

…….and its aim………to help save small business owners time and money.

“The portal will be a single repository for all the information a business person would need to start, manage and grow their business,” he says.

Mr Williamson believes “We have listened to what small business owners told us about interacting with government departments. They told us we had great tools and great information, but nobody knew where to find it.”


Money left over from Higher Profile Advertising

July 24th, 2010

Heads Up for sellers here.


The advice here is that if you go with the Higher Profile advertising that many organisations, just like my company offers, then either read the fine point or get a commitment from the agent that………….

If I sign up for a 4-6 week campaign and the home sells in a week do I get a full refund less just that weeks higher profile advertising already spent?

There is usually one exception to this, and it happens to all companies because of a thing called “deadlines.” Therefore depending on how early in the week your property sells (goes unconditional) it still may not be possible to pull the advert from that current weeks forthcoming Friday/Sat/Sun advertising.

As an aside, there are other obvious exceptions to any high profile campaign too, items like Internet Feature advertising or a Large photo sign board, these are the usual standard fixed costs, generally requiring payment to each respective supplier up front, and as such would not typically be subject to any type of refund situation.

These being the exceptions though, there is no reason in the world that you cannot expect to get a refund for any monies not committed or spent on any type of print media campaign. I have yet to hear of a Newspaper that asks for all the money up front for a 4-6 week campaign.

The reason for writing this is that I have this week come across a seller who sold their last property with another company some time back, and yes they sold in a week…..but no they could and did not get a refund of the many thousands they had written the Marketing Fund cheque out for.

Nelson Weekly Rental Rates July 2010 Update

July 23rd, 2010

Information on rental rates in a locality can serve a couple of main purposes;

1] assist home buyers moving into the region with their temporary or permanent accommodation budgets

2] enable out of town investors to plan/budget/forecast potential returns for an investment property in Nelson

Here is the latest Market Rent update courtesy of the Dept of Building & Housing for the period 01-JAN-2010 to 30-JUN-2010

This information is compiled from bonds lodged.



All chart source data comes from New Zealands Department of Building and Housing.



Rather than show the averages like the last few updates, I decided it was more representative of our local market to highlight the differences between Nelson Central, as in town, the hills as in Port and Tahunanui Hills, and Stoke / Nayland.



That’s the reasoning behind having the 3 separate charts here.

As is plain to see when comparing the three charts, town (Nelson Central) is made up of a more densely packed population, hence the larger number of small bedroom number flats and apartments.

At the other end of the spectrum is Stoke, along with its wider choice of all age schooling options. This is evidenced in the preponderance of homes when compared to flats/apartments.

There you have it, up to the end of June 2010, that what renters are paying weekly in Nelson.

DATA SOURCE – NZ Department of Building and Housing

REFs Choice – July 19th Edition


This is what happens when a Real Estate Agent tries to


wear two hats, that of a Real Estate Agent and that of a professional “Home Stager.”

Very interesting take on window dressing is all I can say.

And another……

See I went to this course on “Home Staging” and…


they taught you how to “stage” a house for sale.

Glad I went……

And this agent……

It really does look like he didn’t attend the training course on Home Staging that day….


Really how hard would it have been to move the chairs.

Then again if the agent didn’t have the time to do that then its no wonder……

1. the desk/file trays left of the computer are a mess

2. items haven’t been removed off the bed

3.the rubbish bin removed to take the picture.