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June 29, 2010

Those who know me know that I despise bad Real Estate Photography.
Quite simply put, in these times there is no time and place for it, and simply no excuse for it.
So I will be detailing here under the above heading, on a regular basis, those images that I will refer to as “own goals.”
And where possible be offering my 2 cents worth in ways that I believe, from my personal take, that the selected image could be improved.

So keep an eye out for this banner.

And what to see……this below is an example of the type of thing that I’ll be discussing.

What do they say Sells a Home?

Well……………sometimes you just have to wonder about these photographers….

Tell me have you ever heard before that a kitchen and bathroom can sell (or not) a house?

Even if you haven’t been told surely you’ve watched at least one of the dozens of different Makeover programs on the box?

There most recurring theme is to display plenty of clean spacious work areas in the kitchen, and have them as uncluttered as possible.

Number one in this is the bench-top space – it must show the potential buyer that there is enough space there to prepare meals and store some things.

The most important thing to do is too display to a potential buyer your “new kitchen” and how nice a place it is, that you would want to imagine being there yourself.

Do these photos do that?

Unfortunately these are all NZ New Listings from the last 6 months?

Although the last one above did do the best out of this current crop it can still be distracting to note that someone had after collected all the stuff off the bench-top, and just stowed it in the oven below.

29-06-2010 9-21-35 p.m.

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2 thoughts on “The REFs Choice – launching today

  1. avatarSteve Taylor

    I think the attitude is I am a real estate agent not a cleaner.

    We try to make a place look as good as possible, but I was unable to take a picture recently of a kitchen as it had shopping covering every available surface.

    I think no picture, if the ‘mess’ is not permanent, is better than a temporary rubbish dump. This leads though to the thought in buyers minds that if only outside pictures are taken this must mean the inside is not pretty.

    Why not arrange to come back on a ‘good’ day?

  2. avatarDavid Leggott Post author

    Understand where you are coming from – been there myself. However in many cases, even if the property is tenanted….as I suspect in many of these photo cases, then ……the Real Estate person still has options. Usually the first photo op is in the pre-listing phase.
    Not all, but some tenants see this and the agents weekly “new listing” inspections as non-important from a property presentation perspective.
    However one thing, usually, they know not to let their landlord down on/at….is the first Open Home. (in a place like Nelson – a tenants good prior references are supercritical if they want to get a good rental property next time around)
    So my way of thinking, its then that the agent should take a camera along, and pick up where they left off…..

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