When does NZs Annual Shortest Day Real Estate Photography Competition start

June 14th, 2010

We are just a week away, next Monday 21st June from 2010’s winter solstice, or what’s commonly known as the shortest day of the year.

In fact at precisely 23:28hrs on Monday night the sun, from a New Zealand perspective that is, will be at its furthest point (not that you’ll be able to see it as its dark!) north, according to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)

Photographers Ephemeris page for Nelson 21st June 2010

Photographers Ephemeris page for Nelson 21st June 2010

(Clicking on above IMAGE opens high resolution version of screen-shot)

The above screen-shot from The Photographers Ephemeris shows the sunrise by the yellow line and the orange line represents the sunset for 21st June 2010.

Want to maximise you homes “sell~ability” factor at this time of year?

Then imagine you were preparing for the, at this stage anyway, imaginary “Annual NZ Shortest Day Real Estate Photography Competition.”

What potential prizes could such a competition have?

2010’s list of potential prizes this competition could have for home seller candidates, makes it sound like you really want to do your best to win.

1st prize                sell your home pronto to an excited buyer

2nd prize               sell your home quickly to a happy buyer

2nd runner up    sell it within the month

other top 10 winners……..having backup photographic proof to show those “naysayers” that indeed your lounge / dining / bedroom does in fact get those fabulous warm and soothing rays of winter mid-day / afternoon / early evening sunshine in what would otherwise be the cooler months of the year.

What will these winning shots win?

The best shots displayed within the Real Estate property listing, either in print or here on the web, will undoubtedly furnish any potentials buyers heart and emotions with positive proof that your home is “sunny” beyond all doubt, but most importantly ……..is very sunny at the time of year when that “sun” (& its warmth) is most desired and wanted.

Most everyone is already aware that most places in NZ don’t have an issue with sun in summer months, but come winter…..in some parts of New Zealand, that’s a different story.

How to take these winning shots?

Best taken 12 ~ 5pm (or if the sun goes down on you earlier, then obviously before 5pm)

If you are around in the afternoon when the rays of light will be shining at their lowest for the most time of an afternoon all year, and there are no clouds around, then you will be able to take some winning shots. Remember though, you are trying to “show the warmth.” (think Wood burner warm on a winters night)

Do you have any sample shots to get me in the mood?

Try to project the warmth that you felt as you were taking the photograph

Try to project the warmth that you felt as you were taking the photograph

Here’s an example of the type of shot you need to take, this time an older home, about a late 50s / early sixties build. If the home has polished wooden floors then its an absolute must to get plenty of photos because at no other time of the year will the sun intrude so much into the room to bath all those floor-boards.

Lack of greenry in Winter can help the home to stand out

The above shot depicts the lack of tree foliage at this time of year, perfect then for showing the whole house. In fact you could include the shot if required in your summertime advertising, but with a “Wintertime Photo” banner alongside.

Top 5 Best Candidates for the competition

Although this list is not exhaustive, here’s my top 5 picks……

1. any home facing more westerly than northerly, or vice versa (relevant for outside shots just as importantly as inside ones)

2. any property with deciduous trees on its northern or western sides, or any that get in the way of the properties look from the curb

3. any property who neighbours also have deciduous trees that in summer usually shade your home, now’s the best time to take those “full frontage” photos

4. any home with wooden / polished wood floors or wood feature (think Lockwood Homes here) walls, but especially if its in the lounge, dining room or a bedroom

...the suns light will intrude farther into your home at this time of year

...the suns light will intrude farther into your home at this time of year

5. any home with wide eaves (or short eaves homes that have floor to ceiling windows as in photo above)

For even more tips……

For further comprehensive hints and ideas you should also pop over to this link and check out 2009s article about the same subject (co-incidentally penned around the same time last year)

If you live west of a fab vista, then this is the time of year to get snapping too

If you live west of a fab vista, then this is the time of year to get snapping too

As the above photo of a Queenstown vista perfectly demonstrates, if you happen to live to the west of such a fabulous panorama, then the lower light at this time of year can do wonders to illustrate the type of fantastic views that you are describing in your advertising copy. (All the better if there is still some Autumnal colors left too)

While on an astronomical event theme, don’t forget the Partial Eclipse of the Moon next Saturday night, June 26 at 23:38. Here’s hoping for a clear night?

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