Homes near High Voltage Transmission Lines

Over the years there has been much talk and debate too, about the effects of EMF, especially as to whether or not it does relate to the health of the human body. The advent of the internet has certainly heralded much wider dissemination of this debate as well.

Believe it or not - no wires here just the tubes themselves

Believe it or not - no wires here just the tubes themselves

Richard Box above, certainly proved, like many others have also done, what I too, already knew.

See, back in the mid 80’s I visited a friend out near Campbelltown in Western Sydney for an afterwork Xmas function. The host had a party trick to show once it got dark, he picked up two standard white fluorescent tubes and walked over to a back corner of his section. He lifted the tubes above his head, and sure enough they lit up with no wires attached.

From memory he did mention that the section he built his house on was purchased at a great rate. Being the 1st time I’d seen this I was struck by it, and have never forgotten having seen that.

And along a similar vein……

What seems interesting though is that this article states……………..

Electric Clocks

Electric clocks have a very high magnetic field, as much as 5 to 10 mG up to three feet away. If you are using a bedside clock, you are probably sleeping in an EMF equivalent to that of a powerline. Studies have linked high rates of brain tumors with chronic exposure to magnetic fields, so it is wise to place all clocks and other electrical devices (such as telephones and answering devices) at least 6 feet from your bed.

….that there could be “powerline equivalent” EMF coming from your bedside clock!

If that’s right, then you have already been getting an equivalent to that powerline voltage right beside your bed for the last 5 years anyway!

Reminds me of the whole cell phone issue too. The fact is that for those tubes to light up their is definitely something there, its about whether or not that “something” does anything.


The clip here, is from Australia, circa mid 2000s.

This article is not written to be alarmist, its about doing your research, and certainly there are more highly qualified folk out there in the world, than you or I, who are conducting ongoing credible research, even offer suggestions like this ………

Determining whether, and to what extent, high voltage transmission lines (HVTL) have an impact on the value of adjacent or nearby residential property by reason of proximity alone is a challenging appraisal assignment.

…….for valuation of property.

Its too these sources one should direct ones attention to assist in understanding the pros & cons of purchasing a home with-in a certain distance from these high voltage transmission lines or sub-stations.

If you’re curious about any relevant future upgrades to your neck of the woods, you can head on over to ~ here, and check your desired location from the drop down search on the left hand side. There’s also some related info here

For Real Estate Salespersons I’ll leave you with these notes from a US Realtor on the subject…………

  1. Possibly have (directed to sellers)  an EMF study conducted on the property and include it in any disclosure information about the property.
  2. Never make statements about the property that could lead a buyer to conclude that the transmission lines are safe.  As a seller, you’re not a EMF specialist.  Don’t increase your liability by thinking that since you haven’t had any problems that the new buyer won’t.

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From Transpower NZ,57684/EMF-fact-sheet-4-2009.pdf

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7 thoughts on “Homes near High Voltage Transmission Lines

  1. avatarDeon

    When I was selling Real Estate I sold 3 properties that were under these types of power lines. One reason is that probably no other person wanted to bother with them. However they did sell. But when speaking to some of the potential buyers about the concerns etc of the emf radiation so many were like “meh i dont care, nothing will happen to us.” This really shocked me as I am aware of the effects.

    Now when I moved to christchurch I moved to a house that was under these lines. I knew the risks and was not going to stay there long. But the things that happened when I was there were amazinig.

    1. mood swings and very bad sleeping. I was a complete mess living there.
    2. Lethargic. I had no energy the entire time I was there.
    3. I became quite sick. I was tested for all sorts of things, but the main thing that was noticed was greatly reduced testostorone and liver functions were terrible.
    4. Terrible asthma. Was a daily thing and even the medication wouldnt work.

    After moving from this location I found that all the above symptoms and more slowly just went away. Now I dont have any of those above problems and I know that they were caused from living in that house. Now i have no doubt that the house was to blame a little but not fully. I have experienced health effects from these lines first hand and I really hope that there isnt long lasting damage.

    I think that the government and councils have really let people down big time in allowing houses to be built under these pilon lines. If i had my way I would condem all the houses that are 50 meters either side of the lines. I know this is not the answer but seriously this is a real big problem that I believe has been covered up by the authorities.

    I for one would love to know what the authorities know.

    Thanks for the links mate!


    1. avatarDavid Leggott Post author

      I’ve always thought that those canny Swedes are right up there when it comes to the environment / living standards, etc. The world sort of accepts the “Swedish Standard” in regards to EMF (easily googled), although most countries still seem to do their own thing. You wonder how much lobbying has to do with it don ‘t you?

      Perhaps it could just be that some folk are more suspectable to this type of environmental situation than others……bit like ginger haired folk to outside sunburn, etc.

      If that was the case then it would make a bit of a mockery of the various surveys but what other option is there?

  2. avatarSteve Taylor

    My friend developed leukaemia as a child. Luck of the draw or because his bedroom which he had been in since a baby was 2 metres away from a electricity sub station.

    If you are an adult it may not affect you, but I would not have children playing, sleeping, etc too close to one.

    Cows can die when getting very very close to pylons as there is a potential difference (PD) between their back legs and their front and the PD (voltage) causes current flow through their bodies and heart. Humans are OK because the distance between one leg in front and one behind would be a lot less and so much less voltage.

    1. avatarDavid Leggott Post author

      Sincerely appreciate your point of view……and in this case have held back from any “personal” POV’s .
      I hinted at a few links above….but there are many many more, and just like you I too would also exercise serious caution were a fantastic’ly priced property come onto the market – but it was close to aforementioned envirionmental objects – for me – if I was not satisfied 100% with my due diligence exercise….then me too…..I couldn’t live with the fact that tenants would live there – but hey – thats just me.
      Others ………….well I’m not about to put my strengths at the mercy of the 10,000 lawyers coming out of uni every week, simply because that’s not my strengths….

  3. avatarDeon

    David you always do this to me. when ever i read something you write you make me all side tracked – in this case just left an essay for you to read on that post.

    I think it is good and its something people really need to think about – and as obnoxious as many kiwi’s are i bet you 20 bucks many of them arent!

  4. avatarDavid Garratt

    classic photo! Love it! I’ll have to give that one a go in my area!
    A great piece.
    I had a gentleman’s debate recently with a homeowner who was trying to convince me that his home (directly underneath some high transmission lines) had the same value as an identical home 300 metres away.
    I didn’t agree and missed out on the listing. His house has now been on the market for more than 5 months….

    I’d love to reprint this with your permission and a full acknowledgment to you Dave?!

    1. avatarDavid Leggott Post author

      Dave yes you can reprint with credit no worries. Maybe that vendor should look at the valuation formulas the PHD chap was discussing in the paper I mention towards the rear of the article.
      Strange that he wouldn’t think it would matter, when in the last few years, well seems that….it might be longer….when the TV News for a week was reporting, and showing clips of Waikato I think it was farmers, who were up in arms about hi voltage transmission lines crossing their properties, and the effect on their values!

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