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New Cities is this the blueprint for the future

June 3, 2010

With no obvious signs of population growth slowing across Asia and the sub continent, plus the massive strains of associated internal “move to the bright city lights” migration patterns, planners in these locations have really got their work cut out for them.

Its really no surprise then to hear that across many parts of Asia there are new cities being born.

New Sondo City (PHOTO Wikipedia)

Brand New Songdo City (PHOTO Wikipedia)

In fact, the news article actually states the demand may be for hundreds of new cities;

Delegations of Chinese government officials looking to purchase their own cities of the future are descending on New Songdo City, a soon-to-be-completed metropolis about the size of downtown Boston that serves as a showroom model for what is expected to be the first of many assembly-line cities.

What is a surprise though is that a computer networking giant like Cisco, is in “on the ground floor.”

To their way of thinking this has been described as a “prototype” for a future connected city.


What’s in it for ………them. Well if the sale just reported in the article is anything to go buy, then I’d say heaps….;

In Songdo alone, Cisco sold 20,000 units of its advanced videoconferencing system called Telepresence — a billion-dollar order — almost before the ink had dried on the contract, said developer Stan Gale, the chief visionary of the project.

What’s in it for ……..the people of this new city?

Undoubtably it will probably be the title of “the most connected city / place to live on the planet.” The ability to go to work and have at hand, if required, instant access to live 24hr cams, completely interactive and controllable down at the child minding centre. The ability, obviously as the above hardware order illustrates………

Benefits are Greener than a Normal older City

…….big reductions in green house gas emission because more direct business can be done via video conferencing. (and I mean real video conferencing not the stutter / stutter some have put up with in recent years)

In the Real World - this is fast......

In the Real World - this is fast......

South Korea already has the worldwide bragging rights as the country with the fastest “real world” broadband speed to the end user…….so this ability to send video and HD quality at that, even faster down the line could have major ramifications for many industries, real estate sales for example?

Wouldn’t it be interesting if every new subdivision planned for NZ got its own “roadside cabinet” installed?

SOURCE –  http://www.mercurynews.com

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