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The REFs Choice – launching today

June 29, 2010

Those who know me know that I despise bad Real Estate Photography.
Quite simply put, in these times there is no time and place for it, and simply no excuse for it.
So I will be detailing here under the above heading, on a regular basis, those images that I will refer to as “own goals.”
And where possible be offering my 2 cents worth in ways that I believe, from my personal take, that the selected image could be improved.

So keep an eye out for this banner.

And what to see……this below is an example of the type of thing that I’ll be discussing.

What do they say Sells a Home?

Well……………sometimes you just have to wonder about these photographers….

Tell me have you ever heard before that a kitchen and bathroom can sell (or not) a house?

Even if you haven’t been told surely you’ve watched at least one of the dozens of different Makeover programs on the box?

There most recurring theme is to display plenty of clean spacious work areas in the kitchen, and have them as uncluttered as possible.

Number one in this is the bench-top space – it must show the potential buyer that there is enough space there to prepare meals and store some things.

The most important thing to do is too display to a potential buyer your “new kitchen” and how nice a place it is, that you would want to imagine being there yourself.

Do these photos do that?

Unfortunately these are all NZ New Listings from the last 6 months?

Although the last one above did do the best out of this current crop it can still be distracting to note that someone had after collected all the stuff off the bench-top, and just stowed it in the oven below.

29-06-2010 9-21-35 p.m.

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Nelson loses millions to New Plymouth and Hastings

June 28, 2010

Back in April of this year, I drew your attention to the funding competition from local NZ territorial authorities to claim the top dollars for their “model communities.”

As I wrote then, Nelson, along with the 3 other finalist communities, New Plymouth, Taupo and Hastings were in the running for millions of dollars of extra funding via the final application round for $7million of New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) “Model Communities” funding.

As you may recall this strategy was quite important in advancing the National Cycleways project in provincial areas.

As the Nelson City Councils press release said;

The Model Communities project is a key part of the national “Getting There” walking and cycling strategy, which aims to develop walking and cycling environments that are as safe and simple to use as to travel by car, thereby reducing traffic congestion.

Also known as New Zealand Cycle Trail Project, Nelson was down as one of the Lucky 13 originally selected selected to go through to feasibility studies for inclusion in the project.

Cycleway to be built in phases....

Cycleway to be built in phases....

Although we weren’t down for Phase 1, Nelsons part is included in Phase II, for us it was the Dun Mountain and Tasman Cycle Loop (Nelson/Tasman).

Well D – Day has arrived, last week it was, and we missed out!

The initial $7.3m in funding went to New Plymouth & Hastings.

Nelson “too advanced” already …..

Keith Marshall, Nelson City Council’s Chief Executive when expressing local disappointment in a NCC Press Release, said that the NZTA had told him;

“… they chose communities that were less advanced in order to ensure they get the biggest lift in improvement.”

…leading him on to say of the local Cycleways project….“We just won’t get to progress quite as fast.”

Private Cycleways coming to Nelson area too....

Private Cycleways coming to Nelson area too....

And in another biking / cycling related development, came news earlier this month, the Nelson Mail reported under the heading Chilean plans bike trails, that an overseas investor has purchased land in the Wairoa Gorge near Wakefield to build 75 kilometres of private  mountain bike (MTB)  tracks.

The paper said;

Mr Mildon said the private project was unusual in New Zealand and was likely to be focused on tourism. Both domestic and international tourists would pay to ride the trails.


NZ Transport Agency – Model Communities Fact Sheet

Tasman District Cycling and Walking Strategy

Nelson Mountain Bike Club – website

Nelson Cycle Trails Trust Proposal in 2009

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Truth in Advertising – WIN

The copy starts off….

You’ll find no double glassing, no fancy electronic gates, no auto garage door openers, no ensuite, walk in wall robes, no aircon units, no smog and no fancy cars.

And its not usually the done thing to slap a For Sale sign on the side of the residence,

Yup...definitely on the market...( PHOTO / )

Yup...definitely on the market...( PHOTO / )

but I think you’ll agree in this case that’s probably not an issue.

The copy gets better……

“Heck” we don’t even have the front door key……….but the WIN is clearly deserving for the following photo (and caption)



…don’t you think?

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Faster, and Faster Broadband for what ….

Well for an example why don’t you just take a minute or two to watch this following clip………..

then consider the possibilities around this type of content rich video marketing……..(be nice to watch something like in HD 720p or so?)

I’d love to hear your comment – do you think that this sort of rich content could make a difference to your selling proposition?

Is an example like this…..not compelling truth for the fact that hi-speed broadband could definitely have a place in Real Estate Marketing.

Source – PFRE (“thanks Larry”)

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