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May in Nelson is Rescue Helicopter Awareness Month

May 22, 2010

May is Summit Rescue Helicopter Awareness month.

May is Awareness Month

May is Awareness Month

Summit Real Estate and Summit Real Estate Agents (yes agents too – we contribute a set amount out of every sale) have been principal sponsors of the local Rescue helicopter service for over 3 years now.

Just recently Allister Nalder, one of the companies directors announced a continuation of this support for another 3 years.

Yesterday May 21st 2010 was the Annual Street Appeal Day where all the Summit staff donned the appropriate gear and went out on the streets.

Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel

Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel

Many local businesses, shops, streets and other locations were canvassed yesterday in our region, asking kindly for any donations.

Last night we were notified that the tally raised by this years appeal was $15,000!  Well done to all staff involved, a fantastic effort.

And as if we needed a reminder of the fantastic service that only a chopper can sometimes provide, this weeks Thursday front page of the Nelson Mail did just that.

It told of a reunion, after the story that gained national attention back last December, the Nelson Mail reported;

In December, a two-tonne tree stump smashed into Mr Williams’ back and slammed him into a tree while he was working on a forestry block near Okiwi Bay. The handle of his chainsaw smashed into his groin area and split it open. He nearly bled to death as his femoral (thigh) artery was punctured. The accident, and the actions of Summit Rescue Helicopter crewman Johnny Mulheron, who shoved his fist in Mr Williams wound for 30 minutes to stem the bleeding, attracted national attention.

In fact just a few days earlier on Tuesday, the chopper was back on the front page again, and next to that article was a photo depicting yet another separate incident where the chopper was involved in rescuing families trapped by the recent downpour and flash flooding up Tapawera way.

from Nelson Mail

from Nelson Mail

It’s real gratifying for me as a Nelsonian (likewise as I’m sure it is for all my Summit Real Estate workmates too) that us agents and our company supports such a crucial local resource.

As you know Nelsons Real Estate is surrounded by bush, mountains, valleys, National Parks, etc….in a nutshell  – plenty of places that don’t really have vehicle access…..and if they do….then its usually not quick and easy access in and out.

This type of geography often provides a real access challenge, even for the best equipped 4 wheel drive vehicles ~ so in such a diverse and topographically challenged region there is no doubt that the Summit Rescue Helicopter provides a life saving service.

You can see recent missions here.

Click above to see where the Chopper is now

Click above to see where the Chopper is now

You can see real-time live GPS tracks of where the chopper is now, over here.

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