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Nelsons Faster Broadband Rollout

May 21, 2010

We need more Power Captain!

One thing that has been a constant in the PC & now internet / connected world is the desire to have things completed faster. I recall selling two 80386 computers, at over $6k each to 2 software developers in Sydney back in 1986. Even though these chaps knew that they needed to upgrade they lamented how their workflow used to occur.

Went like this…..once they had competed a section of code, they hit the key to start the code assembly process….and whew!…….could then go and have a cup of coffee. Now they reported with the new PC’s by the time they got to the coffee pot it had already finished all the assembling of the code.

Sometimes progress has disadvantages.

Which brings me to the speed of the internet. Everyone is curious when there broadband will get faster. Courtesy of Telecom Wholesale, you can find out for yourself right now when ADSL2+ will touchdown in your neighbourhood.

And not just Nelson, anywhere in NZ.

So whether you’re just a local, or someone from afar searching for homes for sale in Nelson, with a view to relocating to our district, then all you have to supply is the address and this calculator will do all the rest for you.

Very much of value this would be for investigating “lifestyle properties.” By its nature, the further you are away from the exchange or “the becoming more common” roadside cabinets, line speed will degrade. So this tool now provides a method by which you can check out what sort of line speed might potentially be available at your newly desired properties address.

Stoke ADSL2+ Availability

ADSL2+ Availability

If its just land at present, that you’ll be building a dream home on, be aware that you’ll need to take into account the length of the driveway in your calculations too. I mention this because I have seen some veeerrry long driveways to properties in our region.

I’ve dealt with quite a few US, German and British folk moving into the district, and high on manys list of requirements was fast broadband, something not always a given in this topographically challenged district.

See where the Roadside Cabinets will go

See where the Roadside Cabinets will go

And it gets better, you can drill down to see the roadside cabinet coverage areas and their approximate switch-on dates too.

In the above example you may notice that there is a grayed out area in the middle, and that its surrounded by the new roadside cabinets. No fear as I know that the actual exchange is right in the middle of this area, and according to the legend + data on the right I’ll be receiving it by Xmas 2010.

So if its a Nelson or Tasman lifestyle property you’re after, then by using this tool you’ll not only be able to ascertain if standard coverage is there currently but also whether or not the spot has had its ADSL2+ or VDSL2 upgrade yet.

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