May 14th should be biggest date in the NZ Rugby Calendar

May 14th 2010


Well because it was the date back in 1870 when Charles Monro introduced to NZ  the absolute first game of Rugby, right here in Nelson at the Botanics Reserve! (today its referred to as the Botanical Reserve situated on the corner of Milton St & Hardy St East- the main entry point to the pathway that leads up the hill to the famous “Centre of NZ” spire)

That’s why.

One year away from the Rugby World Cup, and I am struggling to find an announcement somewhere in the New Zealand media of this auspicious date anywhere, let alone a “re-enactment” game?

Ooophs, found it…..where – over in England!

In World Cup preview year I would have thought more importance would have been placed on C J Monro’s part to play in the whole NZ Rugby scheme of things.

Like This!

UPDATE: In case you hadn’t noticed a comment just today, from the great grandson of the man himself, I draw your attention to it right here.

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