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Isnt Water more precious than Oil

May 11th 2010

Today’s subject has more of an in-direct relationship to Real Estate, but its still there.

In recent weeks we’ve heard about the plight of Northlands fresh water situation, the TV usually seems to interview dairy farmers for some reason.

Those of us in the South Island are only too aware of the situation with ECAN and the government sacking an elected board, and then replacing those previously elected with officially selected incumbents.

I couldn’t help but recall an April front cover of the Listener.

We also pride ourselves on being green and clean, and readily accept that most of the greening is accomplished from the heavens not from a hose.

But are our own green credentials stacking up ok when it comes to water use.

Hmmm…..after checking it out I was shocked!

OECD figures show that over the 10 year period from 1990-92 through 2002-04 little old New Zealand had the 2nd largest increase in water usage of all studied nations.

In 1990 – 1992 New Zealand was using 1281 million m³ of water

By 2002-2004 that figure shot up 76% to 2254 million m³.

Ok so how do we compare?

Over the same timeframe the UK went from 1347 million m³ to 1402, an increase of 4%. Germany, on the other hand went from 1600 million m³ down 29% to 1140 million m³.

SOURCE – OECD (click for higher res version)

So against this,  its not hard to imagine the recent outcry regarding the “greening” of the McKenzie Basin. As I’m sure we’ll find out in time, the reasons behind the ECAN situation will also enlighten us one day.

The real estate perspective is really obvious, we all need water, in NZ, its even more important because we really can’t import it from a neighbour across the border so to speak. Our clean green image is most important from a Real Estate perspective too, because that’s one of the main reasons why many immigrants decide to move here.