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Australias First Augumented Reality iPhone Real Estate App launched today

May 9th 2010

Its getting closer Kiwi’s.

Just across the ditch from today……

Today,  St George Bank in Australia, in combination with realestate.com.au, launched “Housefinder.”

Housefinder is Australias first Augumented Reality Real Estate oriented iPhone app, free to download direct to your iPhone. (as of this evening the download app page seems to be optimised for IE rather than Firefox)

Ok so what can you do with it?

This is what they say about it;

  • The app accesses real-time property information through the camera view of your iPhone using Augmented Reality technology^.
  • Point your camera at a property you’re interested in and see current ‘for sale’ or ‘for rent’ details.
  • See your nearest St.George branch location and make contact at the click of a button#.
  • See recent sale prices for the nearest five properties to your location.
  • View the sale or rent price for the five closest properties on the market.
  • Access information on Google Maps™ if your phone does not support Augmented Reality.

Fantastic news for house buyers actually.

And for those of you who have just joined us, a quick primer above on Augmented Reality.

For those living in Australia, to get the app, click the download graphic above.