Last week an extra 30 jobs for Nelson and now this week

May 3rd. 2010

I’m on the way to an early appointment this am…………and……….whats that?

….my senses are alerted by what I spot out in Tasman Bay – I find I’m asking myself “whats going on here?”

I find a better vantage point and………….in the privacy of my car I say to myself –  “that doesn’t belong here – it belongs in Picton doesn’t it?”

A very out of place ship here out in Tasman Bay?

Arahua only runs between Wellington & Picton, fulltime and frankly that’s all she does 24hrs a day, doesn’t she?

Did the Captain have too much to drink last night and forget where he was going? Is she lost?

Well on account of the fact that I spot the Nelson Pilot boat coming back in, and also spot a Tug in the vicinity, it doesn’t take Einstein to figure out that its an arranged situation.

But this has never happened before – why now – what gives?  What’s going on?

Luckily I had 15 minutes up my sleeve, because I always like to arrive early, prepped and fully planned for that early appt… could afford to hang around for another 10mins to see what’s going on.

Just situation normal it turned out – boat arrives out in the bay – pilot goes out to meet it and bring it in…..

closer to port …………Tugboat arrives and is there in case assistance is needed……and at the end of the day morning she safely comes into port?

Could this be the start of something exciting?

The “Interislander” brand is very much associated (I advance & suggest ubiquitously with the NZ psyche on this one) with the standard way to get from the North Island to the South Island of New Zealand. (and the other way too)

CLICK ABOVE PHOTO for MONSTER IMAGE (and depending on yr browser you may have to even click again…its a big photo after all!)

Regular readers will recall how just a week ago Nelson had wrenched away from a major metro population centre in NZ – a crucial multi million dollar contract.

At that time I was speaking about Air New Zealands decision to award Nelson and our new NZD$16m hangar (to be completed by Jun/Jul this year) the task of looking after practically all of New Zealand’s turbo-prop fleet – all Q300’s and all ATR72’s.

That was “us” in favour of one of Air NZ’s major maintenance bases in Chch, however that said – around about this time – they jointly announced a major push from their end to focus on short haul jet services – meaning  B737’s and  Airbus A320 types.

And today, Nelsons’ “ship comes in.”

Long story short, local paper “The Nelson Mail” reports tonight that the boat is here is for a month long, what is termed an “in-water” survey….along with associated maintenance. (according to the Nelson Mail the 1st time a local mob has won such  major contract)

The “Nelson Mail” reports that importantly a major factor in seeing local Nelson companies awarded the contract was ;

based on the level of engineering skill and the marine engineering infrastructure at Port Nelson

Really its all just extra reinforcement for the local trades that supply, repair, maintain, fix, and “do everything else in this part of the world” for Australasia’s busiest fishing port!