Wow 360 degree Aerial Real Estate Panoramas

May 2nd, 2010

Talk about the “wow” factor.

Nelson company Aerial Imaging has come up with another additional way to view real estate, or more specifically your intended real estate properties location.


Sometimes it might be handy to view how, potentially, your new neighbours treat their backyard. And other times it may just enlighten you to something that from a normal eye level view is not possible to see, or evaluate in your Real Estate purchasing decision. Or for “out of town” commercial buyer,  a chance to see a new potential site, roads / traffic , schools, etc from the other side of the world!

I’ve seen a few of these before but not with the multimedia integration, like the embedded test video in the above shot,  these chaps have achieved.

Like the above snapshot shows as you move your mouse around, in a sort of augmented reality way, the screen informs you that this section in the subdivision is For Sale and encourages you to “click for more info” upon which you will be taken to the agents website for further details and pricing, along with all contact info.

From the aerial shot you can interactively zoom around, pan and tilt too. You can then click on individual shots embedded within the image for a more detailed and often higher resolution image.


They have also achieved a big win for Real Estate buyers with the incorporation, not only of a “mouse over” Google maps interface adjacent,  but by using a shaded triangle object, have indicated the angle and orientation from which the present view is.

Short demo here;

This is definitely the future of multimedia immersive Real Estate photography.

To find out more and preview a sample image yourself, head on over to the 360° Panorama part of the site, here.