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In 2010 is Nelson already NZs most Sunniest Place

April 29th 2010

With so much time devoted on the nightly news (“on account of its genuine positivity” I usually don’t watch it) one can’t be blamed over the years to suspect, or perhaps be cynically inclined to believe that if a certain person wins a competition, then it’s down to luck / breeding / genes or something so.

PHOTO – Wikipedia.com

Next year will Usain Bolt still win & break another world record, and the year after, and the year after that, and in 5 years, and a decade later? Many folk don’t give credit for the foundation that an athlete lays down years ago.

Like sports heroes, Nelsons foundation was laid down years ago too – its just that it is measured on a slightly longer scale, timeframe wise.

Here in the Nelson “delta” we actually have a very unique topographic / geographic thing happening.

Thats why we have the weather that we do

The geographical interaction of what we have here in local topography, in combination with the lower western side of the North Island effects the weather probably more than you may presently know, but since it’s your tax dollars that are funding this research, perhaps you should be enlightened.

CHART – NZ National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)

Red is the International warning colour right, …….so where is the red above?

I’m sure that the above chart would be of assistance to “sunscreen product manufacturers.”

The fact that NIWA, our Government sanctioned body have the data to prove this (for you overseas, that’s our NZ equivalent of NOAA with a touch of USGS thrown in) should not be rubbed over lightly, especially considering that in this small country of under 5m folks, us Kiwi’s fund it each year to the tune of millions and millions of our own tax dollars.

So, no……….. NZ’s Annual Maximum Sunshine Hour Winner is definitely not a competition between Nelson, Blenheim, or Whakatane.


Even in Real Estate, its a known geographical fact that there are some things you can change and some things you can’t change when it comes to a properties location.

Pretty much the only way you can change this “location location” is “to pick up the home and move it 700m across town”, and that I would term not very practical.


In case you’re wondering the red lines on both above snapshots from Google Earth are depicting mountain ranges surrounding us. The yellow shaded area is to represent the flat area of the Nelson – Motueka – Tasman region.

Therefore at the end of the day some things you can change & frankly some you can’t….and that is why Nelson will always be sunny.

And finally just in case you were curious how the last few years have shaped up for the sunshine champions of New Zealand, here you are.

DATA – NZ National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)

Lets face it, the geological facts are pretty unchangeable.