Up to 30 additional Airline Engineering positions for Nelson

April 23 2010

In light of Air New Zealands recent decision to focus utilisation of its Christchurch engineering base for narrow body jet aircraft, like the A320 & 737, comes the great news that Nelson will be the point of call now for the main turboprop families.

As I earlier mentioned a few weeks back, the June 2010 completion of our new NZD$16m hanger (which can hold 5 x Q300’s under its roof at one time) could definitely have something to do with it.

PHOTO CREDIT – Wikipedia Yonny19

And this, above, is what all the fuss is about.


Although local Air New Zealand link operator Air Nelson operate 23 x Bombardier Q300 aircraft,

their sister company Mt Cook Airlines,


operate 11 of the larger ATR72-500’s pictured above.

These ATR72 aircraft will now call Nelson, and once completed, the new hangar, home for their maintenance work.

If your interesting in applying then keep an eye out here, or head on over here, or at Air NZ job search here.

If you’re overseas, but licensed on certain planes and would like to moved to NZ, check out here and click on the blue coloured Licensed/Trade TAB .

It could also mean other benefits too, Air Nelsons planes are 50 seaters, while Mt Cook Airlines ATR’72-500s are 68 seaters, and it would surely make no sense to fly them to Nelson, or away from, empty?

Here’s the article from the Nelson Mail.

And my earlier talk about the new hangar here.

UPDATE: the discussion about this news also made the editorial in tonights paper.

2 thoughts on “Up to 30 additional Airline Engineering positions for Nelson

  1. avatarchris

    hi there…
    I am in avionics and i really wish i could work in airnz and any other airline company….what do i have to do besides all the paperwork from immigration? i think it takes a lot of time till a solution is found
    regards, chris

    1. avatarDavid Leggott Post author

      Hi Chris
      Other than the info in the post, I’d need you to be more specific or email me directly offline so that I can inform you better of the local situation.

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