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Nelson Multicultural Migrants now have own local website

April 21 2010

Begun in 1993, the Nelson Multicultural Council has grown over the years, under the banner of “Promoting Unity In Diversity.”

In recent months an associated new website has been launched onto the local Nelson scene.

Some of the Aims & Objectives the group is focused on are;

• To promote and protect the interests of the diverse cultural communities in the Nelson region.

• To enable diverse cultural communities to give each other mutual support and strength to deal with issues which affect them all and to speak with one voice on those issues.

PHOTO – 2010 Race Unity Day – Nelson (crowd was estimated at 4000)

• To enable the ethnic groups to openly express their commitment to New Zealand while at the same time, protecting their cultural heritage and identity.

• To promote the Nelson Region as a multicultural society.

The group will also be participating and celebrating Global Family Fun Day, on the afternoon of Anzac Day, this Sunday, 25th April at Victory Square Park, 1pm – 4pm…..all welcome.

Further Info here;


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The above Nelson Multicultural Website is also affiliated with new entrant organisation, the New Zealand Newcomers Network, and there is even a specific page for new Nelson residents over here – http://nelson.newcomers.co.nz/

The NZ Government also run a helping hand over at a subpage on the Immigration Departments homepage, click below for further info about renting, or finding and buying a home in NZ.


For specific weekly rental  prices New Zealand wide, check out the Dept of Building & Housings page here for local rates……