Volcanos effect presents silver lining for Nelson Company

April 19th,  2010

Its a well known fact that many of our cousins in Asia and South East Asia love seafood.

And everyone by now surely knows of the crippling effects on European area air travel of the recent Icelandic volcano eruption, and it spraying something like 750tonnes of ash a second, into the atmosphere.

According to a news item tonight, a Nelson company has seen a silver lining in this Europe wide disruption to air travel, and its subsequent effect on international air cargo shipments.

Air Cargo today is one of the preferred methods to get products to market for those customers who demand “fresh as” produce.

No where is this more apparent than in the consumption of fresh salmon.

Until this recent disruption much of Asia’s salmon was coming from European locations.

But it would seem that their restaurant customers can’t wait any longer.

So a quick call to Nelson, New Zealand and problem solved!

Extra NZD$400,000 income

In fact company CEO Grant Rosewarne quoted the figure of an extra NZD$400,000 worth of business. As well, because of the demand they are having to double their intake from 5,000 to 10,000 fish this week.

Interestingly enough King salmon is not a native of NZ, the fish hails from the northern Pacific Ocean.

However after some attempts, eggs were imported from California sometime in the late 1800s, and the resulting fish, were released into the headwaters of the following Canterbury rivers, the Waitaki, Rangitata, Rakaia and Waimakariri. Finally, and fortunately, they eventually returned from the sea to breed.

King salmon is the only salmon species seafarmed in New Zealand, with New Zealand King Salmon the world’s major supplier of this species, contributing towards the more than 1.5 million tonnes of various types of salmon now produced annually worldwide.

In New Zealand, the first commercially licensed salmon farm was the company’s Waikoropupu Springs (home of the clearest water in the world) Hatchery at Takaka, Golden Bay.

This was followed up the first licensed marine farm was the company’s site at Ruakaka Bay in Marlborough.

Dubai’s order is 100 times normal

…..customers in Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Osaka and Tokyo have all upped their orders substantially. “Dubai’s order is 100 times the norm while orders from Bangkok are 10 times and the others have all doubled while it’s early days in the US and we are waiting to see what comes out of there,” Mr Rosewarne says. “Today we have doubled our harvest – which is an extra 10,000 fish – and we’re putting on an extra shift”

The above was according to an associated Press Release by NZ King Salmon this afternoon.

DATA – NZ King Salmon website