Photo Realistic 3D meets Google Maps

April 15 2010

We are getting closer & closer each month – especially now that Googles user sponsored program is so well under way…..and has so many hundreds if not thousands of actively contributing supporters.

Just check out the photo realism on this will you.

In case you are wondering where will it stop?

“Mobile is the future of computing. The mobile device is almost a part of your body, meaning it’s always at hand and natural to use,” he said. “It’s like your Lassie and Timmy. They go together so much.”

This was said by Michael Jones, the chap who created Google Maps and Google Earth, and Googles full-time chief technology advocate in a recent keynote address to Infotec, an information technology conference, where he also stated that he can;

imagine a world where information and communication are available everywhere, all the time, to everyone.

And very telling was his statement here;

the “endgame” of mobile computing, Jones said, is what’s called augmented reality and he also mentioned “the Internet is becoming the major communications vehicle for humanity”

Augmented reality is coming ……..

I’ve talked before on many occasions about augmented reality and how I too think once phones like the new HTC / 4th Gen iPhone get mass acceptance then the world will really open up. And Googles not the only one going down this path as I pointed out earlier in this TED speech by Microsofts Blaise Aguera y Arcas (he was the architect behind Bing Maps) here.

However tonight’s point is on the incredible detail that many end contributors are putting into their modeling for Google Earth and the 3D Building Sketch-Up program. Detail that is certainly previewed on the above video.

You must admit when you see that top video of New York the technology has come a heck of a long way in only a few short years.

Maybe the Technology hasn’t even been invented yet?

Google’s Jones hints at this;

Be it through personal computers, hand-held mobile devices, tablet computers or technology that hasn’t yet been developed, Mr Jones said having a constant stream of information through the Internet and Google will help improve lives worldwide.

And as there seems to currently be a primary focus on buildings / homes / properties there is definitely some relevance to the Real Estate industry don’t you think?

And the Real Estate connection, David?

To see what sort of connection is possible, watch the above video.

Its showcasing Zillows free iPhone app here, and I’ll be very surprised, if after watching it, you too can’t visualise for yourself the possibilities.

After recent announcements that indicate the app has surpassed a 1,000,000 downloads from the Apple site, comes news that Zillow is also developing a soon to to released Android version of this app.