Daily Archives: April 10, 2010

NZ Real Estate Licensees – Your One Page Internet Presence

Via this NZ medium – ie: other voices of NZ real estate industry folk, I was alerted a while back to a new site/service – flavors.me.

( I apologise that I can’t re-find the post or comment & give due credit – but would be happy to be enlightened again?)

At the time I hopped onto the bandwagon and placed a link thru to my website here at unconditional. (photo above was taken on an absolutely fabulous local summertime Evening Cocktail Cruise on board the multi-million dollar 26.5m “Yonder Star.”)


Didn’t think a lot about it after that.

However in re-visiting today – I noticed the fact that you could route/ link / feed many other services, inc social media sites to this “start page.”

So in my case a quick link to my daily/weekly updated photo site – Nelson Life and also another link to my Nelsonian twitter feed.

That would have to be good money spent by a “newbie” – but wait there’s more – the good news is that the site currently does not charge you to place your own page up.

If you are presently domiciled or utilizing any of these above services, then flavours flavors.me could just be of some use to you – and certainly they deserve some airplay for what they are doing.

Want an example ……………. check out my basic page here with local custom background.

Got any questions or need help to assist you set your own page up – just let me know via a comment below.