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Nelson – now this is exciting

6th April 2010

Just back from a work related overseas trip, Rob from Air Nelson Operations, told me;

“that the expertise that we have locally is now starting to be seen on the worldwide stage for what it is“

Not just that, it’s being appreciated and is resulting in extra demand for local staff’s expertise.

As evidenced by the tail of this non – New Zealand skies plane above, today, in the old hanger, local outfit Air Nelson has been recognised, by the quantity of inbound work orders, as right up there with best practice in this part of the world.

QUESTION – what airline is this because I haven’t seen it in NZ skies I’m sure?

Professor Bob Hargreaves from Massey Universities real estate analysis unit has stated that Auckland and Wellington have both seen pressure, in an upwards fashion, in their individual rental markets.

Logically, for a small density population place like NZ, the suggestion also extenuated to hint that this trend was in line with net migration trends.

However, interestingly enough, the professor pointed out that it was a “bit surprising” that somewhere like Nelson hadn’t seen its median rental figure rise in any significant way over the last 24 months.

He said “most areas have gone up a bit.”

And in a telling statement the Professor went on to re-iterate;

“rents were related to population pressures, and while Nelson was a beautiful place to live, there weren’t that many jobs here, and the jobs the region did have did not pay that well”

Locally this scenario in wages is referred to as the “sunshine wage.”

However the point of today’s post is the exciting news down at our own Nelson Airport.

Local Nelsonian & friend, Tony Quickfall from ViaStrada, also had  a bit to do with the Resource Consent side of things for this exciting development.

And no to the contrary………..its not about the local wild-life.

Local Air New Zealand subsidiary, Air Nelson is only months away from opening their brand new NZD$16,000,000 hanger and associated facilities.

Air Nelson has invested $450 million upgrading their fleet from the 33-seat Saab 340 aircraft to the 50-seat Bombardier Q300 aircraft over the past three years.

What many don’t know is that the Q300’s actually have a better more roomy “leg-room” situation that the B737’s Air NZ are still using on the main trunk routes. Plus don’t forget that as the wing is above, ala’ as in like the ole “Friendships” every single window seat on the plane gets an uninterrupted view of whats below during your flight.

The airline currently operates 23 of the new Q300s. The old hanger couldn’t even have one of Air New Zealands 23 x Q300’s drive straight in.

Even I had to pinch myself when I managed to get this shot last weekend!

Local staff had to build a contraption machine to secure, and then raise the front wheel of the plane, so that they could then trundle it forward otherwise the tail of the airplane just wouldn’t fit under the old hanger entrance way.

The new building completely dispenses with that idea, in fact, it will comfortably fit 5 of the current Bombardier Q300’s inside at one time.

Incidentally its reputedly to be New Zealand’s single largest roof ever constructed and jacked up in this fashion.

But wait……there’s more………….. and that’s the really exciting part.

Especially after that previous statement by Massey’s Mr Hargreaves.

The new hanger, will for the first time give Nelsons aviation service sector progress to put into place all the tools, the site, the staff, and the means to go outside of the region and tender for other work. Certainly Mt Cooks ATR72’s have been hinted at on many occasions.

Work that ultimately will lead to the exciting possibility of crucial new job openings locally.

And in light of another Air NZ subsidiary in Blenheim, Safe Air, looking to dispense staff this month…………the situation in Nelson could well be headed for an upside.