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For Sale – Canadas Smallest House

5th April 2010

For not the worlds smallest price either.


It occupies a section 7.5ft x 113.67ft in Toronto, the home is just 7ft wide inside, and it even has its own website.

Going for a song (apparently it indeed has its own one of those too) at CAD$179,900.

Here’s the ReMax MLS listing here (well – it will be until it gets sold)

Ellen even featured it on her show in the past.

Here also is the streetview image, (Click for higher res shots)

and just in case you think the photo below is faulty “do not adjust your monitor” because its not .

In case you hadn’t noticed, Streetview now has in selected views, 3D.

So get those glasses out and hit the button as indicated for a whole new look.

Yes that tiny space at the end of the arrow, between the 2 storey homes is it, the Little House.

Full story here at the Daily Mail.