Big Pat on the Back

3rd April 2010

Full credit to the local Nelson area chapter of the NZ Property Investors Association.

Nelson is no different than any other part of New Zealand, in that we are seeing (and I can confirm, definitely experiencing from an Agents point of view) a continuation of the pattern of rental Vs declining ownership. From an attractive proposition point of view, things might change in the May 2010 NZ budget – but as always, forewarned is….


Whilst there has been much commentary about the “leaky” situation, this is the first time I have seen the above advert in our local paper, the Nelson Mail.

Credit to the local Property Investors Association for ensuring it is a FREE meeting. I would heartily encourage all and sundry to visit.

Even more importantly would be the following situation.

You want to retire in Nelson because family, work mates or friends have told you that’s the thing to do……and I’m guessing “out loud” here that you might not be looking at buying a 1950-60’s house but something “more” modern?

The plan…………… is what todo.

1] get in touch immediately with your friends or family in Nelson.

2] hopefully ascertain they, or another member of the family have next Tuesday night free.

3] get them to promise to you (perhaps a bribe may be required) to visit the meeting and take notes.

4] get them to send/inform you about those notes.

Overall we are quite fortunate (courtesy of local climactic conditions – certainly talked about these before – especially this most important  one) that local environmental circumstances could be perceived as those that are “termed” to be very favourable for a Rental proposition.

The figures certainly back that up, not just from a ROI situation, but certainly also very reassuring from a capital appreciation point of view.

Interested in attending…..flick off an email quick-smart to to indicate you will be showing up to the Nelson Suburban Club, 168 Tahunanui Drive at 7:30pm this coming Tuesday to hear Grant Hunt, one of NZ’s leading experts in “leaky homes”,  talk about what to look out for in your property scouting.