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Pimp Your Garage Door or House Doors

Just Brilliant – makes you do a double take alright.

However after last years kerfuffle regarding the Open2view photographer (& not just them – everyone else does it too) mentioned in Wellingtons Dominion Post over making the blue sky in Real Estate photos,  “blue-er”, or replacing the sky completely, I wonder how this would sit.

I certainly know one thing, this type of “tonque in cheek” stuff would find no flavor with this chap, who made the following comments to the paper re last years Blue Sky / Replacement Sky episode.

……who last year had his Real Estate Bill passed by Parliament bringing in industry reform, joked that Photoshopping photographs was good “if they could make me look slimmer and give me more hair”.

He said realtors should try to show a house “in its ordinary environment”.

“I just think it’s a bit on the nose. The more straight up you are, the better you are.”

I seem to think any property buyer will  just not believe that your home in the suburbs has a ….

…..Formula One car……

……or a plane in their suburban  garage……..

……or for that matter, a CAT Dump Truck parked there.

These clips and links are to a German site, and the videos are in German, but you don’t need language translation to see what it’s about.

Lets say one thing,  if you’re the first in your neighbourhood to do something like this – you will get noticed rightly or wrongly………certainly by the media who would love to jump back on the theme I discussed at the beginning again. Perhaps a great idea for a business – or even better – a great way of beautifying what would otherwise be a drab view.

Surprising then with all the range available that there no. 1 is a Harley Road King motorcycle.

I can just visualise now the injured person explaining to the ACC case manager how they got their broken nose, black eye, and lost two front teeth…….

“by walking into a garage door in broad daylight” to inspect a Harley Davidson

I don’t actually think its got anything to do with pimping for sale either – looks like its just an individuals point of difference for their home.

There’s also a sister site about doors called Style Your Door, with its own eclectic collection of doorfronts.

Could Imagine that some teenagers would think that this would be just want they need to personalize their bedroom?

CREDIT – images & videos via (via

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Nelson Home Sales Report for February 2010

15th March 2010

Friday, the REINZ (Real Estate Institute of NZ) released the official figures for home sales for the month of Feb 2010.

They commented;

The national median for days to sell in February was 46, up three on the January figure, but still 16 fewer days than the corresponding period a year ago. Sales were quickest in Wellington and Southland at 32 median days.

In light of that though, tis interesting to note that from a Nelson Council zone house perspective, our 2 bedroom sales for the Feb month saw a days to sell of just 29 days, while the 18 x 4 bedroom homes sold in a median time of just 24 days.

(CLICK ON ABOVE for larger version)
That certainly reflects what we have been seeing on the ground, however in so saying that was contrasted by the median of 64 days for 3 bedroom homes. In calculating the median though, its more a reflection of the fact that some February sales were older “on market” properties that weren’t “in the market” until last month.

In their report on Nelson Council zone homes, the Institute said officially;

74 houses sold in Nelson City in February (January 2010: 61; February 2009: 86). The median price increased to $352,250 (January 2010: $315,000; February 2009: $320,000).
The median price for a Nelson Council zone house was up at $358,750 in February (January 2010: $342,000; February 2009: $330,000). 140 houses sold (January 2010: 111; February 2009: 160).

Sections tapered off, with only 4 changing hands in Feb 2010. Their median price was a quite low figure of $130,000, whilst the median size was 997m2.

Again like last month, NZ’s national sales trends don’t really offer any real pointers to predicting which direction our local market is moving, certainly not in a decisive way.

If anything it’s more of a “leveling out situation.”
Also like last month, and still illustrating our predominantly family market, 37 x 3 bedroom homes sold, taking a share of 50% of the homes sold for the month.

median up-down fe 2010

And its good to see so much green return again, especially after last months chart, which the REINZ hinted at in their opening statement of the latest Home Sales report;

Total residential dwelling sales recovered last month from their lowest level in nearly two decades, but the national median price has remained steady at $350,000

Its also a point to note that Nelsons median (Feb2010 $358,750) does track quite close to the national New Zealand figure.

The Draganfly-er makes tonights Front Page

13th March 2010

You might recall me last December discussing this fabulous new device for Real Estate photography, the Draganfly X6 UAV coming to NZ/Nelson some months back, and then giving you a heads up with its arrival back in Feb 2010 here in Nelson.

Tonight’s Weekend edition of the Nelson Mail has the craft and its operator Craig on the frontpage.

You might be familiar with Model Remote Controlled helicopters, but I bet your one, unlike Craigs Skylark & Falco, doesn’t come with;

11 on-board sensors, three gyros, three accelerometers, three magnetometers, a barometric pressure sensor and a inbuilt GPS unit capable of holding the unit in a designated hover

Bit of a mouthful that lot but I really do believe this is the way of the future for real estate photography.

And as I had hinted its not a cheap exercise, the paper quotes Mr Craig Dickie;

It costs about $50,000 to purchase and fully kit out a UAV, but Mr Dickie said that was the price of innovation.

Its not just great for the different amount of angles/heights (CAA restrictions limit it to 120m but it can go higher) that the unit can get to & provide, but more importantly in the future as bandwidth on the internet gets better this will be the type of unit required to generate compelling Real Estate video……..

and HD video (might need to double click above Youtube video and select 720HD on the menu-line at bottom of frame) / videotours like this stunning example above from the States – but imagine it with heaps more/higher aerial shots / flybys. (thanks Larry @ PFRE for the heads-up on this fab production – full article here at Scott Hargis’s site. This video was actually completed by a Canon 5D MK II DSLR!)

Maybe that’s why as the article in tonight’s paper notes, Aerial Imaging have a “major car magazine” already signed up and a demo with the Nelson police next week.

You can contact Craig by clicking the link to Aerial Imaging above.

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Worlds 24th Largest Sailing Yacht Visits Nelson

Considering a scouting trip to Nelson for Real Estate – make sure you book one of these Sunset Cruises in advance to truly appreciate what we have here. (Summer Months for the Sunset Cruise obviously)

Out celebrating an anniversary on a fantastic harbour cruise last night in Nelson, out through the Haven and out into Tasman Bay, and the weather held………..

……but as we leaving the inner Haven …….came across this interesting sight…..

She, actually she is Drumbeat….(ex Salperton) at the time she was built by Alloy Yachts back in the early 2000s one the biggest NZ had ever made….


was hidden around the corner in a back berth at Port Nelson.

Drumbeat is available for charter at EUR€170,000 per week.

Turns out she was in NZ for some regular maintenance and while here also competed in the New Zealand Marine Cup: Kiwi Kawau Challenge, coming third.

As we came back about 2.5hrs later I asked our boats Captain about the two flashing red lights on top of the masts.

Turns out that because they are so high, way over 100ft in old terms, they need them for aircraft navigation purposes/warnings.

Kiwis really are spoilt when it comes to indulging in seaside and on-sea experiences. One of the staff members on board Yonder Star last night commented that they used to live in England and that the life they have here in Nelson now is like living a dream. New Zealands isolation and low population density sure assist with that.

And being down in the Southern Ocean sure gives us the raw material / power required from nature that sees a Kiwi sailors experience, so highly regarded around the world.

Wikipedia have the 53m Drumbeat at number 24 on this list.

Do you know which place in New Zealand has the countries Oldest Yacht Club?

Last night we were out on the Yonder Star, photo from their website above, and we both agreed – it was fabulous.

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Lifestyle is the No 1 benefit for Kiwi expats to return home

11 March 2010

According to a Victoria University study published yesterday;

“Kiwi expatriates living overseas who plan to return home will do so because of New Zealand’s lifestyle.”

Utilizing data collected by the expatriate network KEA, and by analyzing a sample group of  13,000+ Kiwis residing living overseas, Dr Lindy Fursman of Victoria University’s Institute of Policy Studies wanted to explore how many Kiwi ex-pats may decide to come home, and why.


It’s interesting to note a couple of points of the study Dr Fursman discovered.

-> 57% planned a return to New Zealand in the future

-> those with higher qualifications were more likely to be planning to live overseas indefinitely

-> women were more likely to be planning to return than men

I say interesting, keeping in mind the original reason why so many (and by so many I refer to the fact that we Kiwis are the country with the 2nd highest percentage of our resident population overseas at any one time – just pipped by Ireland) Kiwis travel overseas is in usually in search of  more favourable/greater work opportunities, generally with associated higher remuneration……… all offering them ultimately a “perceived” better lifestyle.

In fact the Dr even touched on this point by mentioning;

While previous research has shown that expatriates move because of jobs and opportunities for greater incomes, New Zealand expatriates in Dr Fursman’s study planned to return to take advantage of New Zealand’s “enhanced lifestyle and culture.”  Few respondents cited job, economic or income prospects as the reason or driver for coming home.

She concludes the report by making a call that further research needs to be done to ascertain what she calls “ a new measures of lifestyle.”


To explain what it is she means Dr Fursman reinforces her comment by stating;

“Current measures don’t accurately capture the factors that are important to daily living for families with children, for whom lifestyle is the primary driver bringing them home,” says Dr Fursman.

“Given that New Zealand’s competitive advantage internationally is lifestyle, we need to know how we are doing compared with other countries that New Zealand expatriates, and other migrants, favour.”

Is this type of research / info important?

Yes, most definitely.

From a Real Estate perspective I have many times in past posts reiterated my thoughts that two of the biggest primary drivers for the NZ market are Immigration & Unemployment, so no doubt then that this type of research makes a lot of sense.

Full article here.

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