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Heavyweight Trucks coming to NZ Roads from 1st May 2010

31st March 2010

Just how can less be heavier?

Well according to many reports if the trucks on our roads were to be allowed to carry more weight/load, then its been said that operators will need less of them, a blessing for our roads and travelers alike.

For Nelson this is quite an important development because we are one of the few cities in New Zealand that does not have a railway line, or a link via one to other cities & towns. All goods arrive either by truck or ship, with smaller weights by plane.

In the words of NZ’s Ministry of Transport;

Overall a permit system allowing vehicles to operate at heavier weights has the potential to reduce the number of vehicle movements required to distribute the same amount of freight.

Well we are about to find out!

With the announcement today by way of an update on the Ministry of Transport’s Heavy Vehicle Productivity Project webpage;

The Heavy Vehicle Productivity Project has been completed. The Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Amendment 2010 will come into effect on May 1 2010.

So expect to see bigger trucks in your rear or side view mirrors from then.

31-03-2010 7-50-13 p.m.

GRAPH – Ministry for the Environment

I’m sure increased payloads will more than offset costs for most Transport operations and as Road Transport plays such a crucial and important role for our regions export products, I’m sure the new system will be met with favourable opinions by local road transporters.

Currently road transport operators can carry loads up to the current NZ statutory 44 tonnes limit. In countries like Australia and Canada they are allowed to carry another 30% up to 62 tons.

These above links for further info are also available at this webpage at the Ministries site..