New Sauvignon Gris from the Top of the South to you

20th March 2010

The tag line on the bottle says….

Montana was first to create Marlborough Sauvignon Gris

….and as every Kiwi knows Marlborough started the whole Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc renaissance.

And so today when I spotted a bottle** on the shelf, I brought my eagerly anticipated first.

The taste, well……… probably more to the Sauv character than the Pinot Gris side, but altogether a not displeasing taste that could almost be classed as a mixture of the two tastes.

As I mentioned the last time I talked about this ancient grape variety from the famous Bordeaux region of France, I think Montana are onto a winner here.

According to Patrick Materman, Montanas new Chief Winemaker

“Sauvignon Gris is an exciting new, premium variety for New Zealand with an ancient lineage in the classic winemaking world”

“After some years of trialling Sauvignon Gris in our Marlborough vineyards, we are proud to present this varietal in our Montana Reserve range. With aromas of pear and blackcurrant balanced with ripe grapefruit and nectarine notes, Sauvignon Gris is a rich textural wine with vibrant aromas.”

The Nelson and Marlborough regions are truly blessed with many old alluvial riverbed areas, grounds that for some varieties form the almost perfect growing environment.

It is said that one of the important contributing factors is those rocks, they heat up during the day, and then when the cool of evening comes, those same rocks impart/radiate their warmth upwards towards the vines/grapes above.

So hopefully in your own neck of the woods you will see one of these on the shelves soon. Do yourself a favour and try it out, I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Best enjoyed on a balmy /warm summers evening (or in this case a late summers evening because the cicadas are still singing)

**  was initially introduced to NZ last year on a small scale to key premise outlets and fine wine retailers as a part of the limited release Montana Showcase Series.