Possibly Australasias Most Photographed Home

Many motoring magazines in this part of the world write that Victoria’s 247km long Great Ocean Rd is one of their favourite “Road Trips.”

Many place it on their list of the Top 10 drives in this part of the world…………

…..preferably in a convertible, with the top down and in summer.

About half way between Anglesea and Lorne is the town of Fairhavern, about 20-25 minutes drive south from Torquay, and it’s here you will find what is arguably Australasia’s most photographed home.

Best described, and I’m sure when it was for sale some years back, it would have been so;

Countrys best Golfers Section

Sea for Miles

Surrounded by …… Nothing

States Most EasyCare section

Elevate Yourself, etc , etc

The advertising dept copywriters would’ve had a field day.

Locals refer to it as the “Pole Home” and I think once you inspect the photos you can see why?

Advertised for sale back in 2007 for AUD$1.2m, it is most definitely an “attention getter”

I wonder how many times a week a tow truck is called out to “impromptu” off-road excursion’s on the road below the property?

Click on the above view to be taken to a Google Maps/Streetview vista.

And just in case you’re asking, yes you can rent it out for a “different” holiday home location.

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2 thoughts on “Possibly Australasias Most Photographed Home

    1. avatarDavid Leggott Post author

      Will admit I have to agree with you, for such a stunning situation, the current photos do not do it justice. Just like in real estate photography, as obviously you are aware, emotion plays such a big part…..I believe the shots on the accommodation booking site do not do give the “oooomph” that it/they could.

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