Pimp Your Garage Door or House Doors

Just Brilliant – makes you do a double take alright.

However after last years kerfuffle regarding the Open2view photographer (& not just them – everyone else does it too) mentioned in Wellingtons Dominion Post over making the blue sky in Real Estate photos,  “blue-er”, or replacing the sky completely, I wonder how this would sit.

I certainly know one thing, this type of “tonque in cheek” stuff would find no flavor with this chap, who made the following comments to the paper re last years Blue Sky / Replacement Sky episode.

……who last year had his Real Estate Bill passed by Parliament bringing in industry reform, joked that Photoshopping photographs was good “if they could make me look slimmer and give me more hair”.

He said realtors should try to show a house “in its ordinary environment”.

“I just think it’s a bit on the nose. The more straight up you are, the better you are.”

I seem to think any property buyer will  just not believe that your home in the suburbs has a ….

…..Formula One car……

……or a plane in their suburban  garage……..

……or for that matter, a CAT Dump Truck parked there.

These clips and links are to a German site, and the videos are in German, but you don’t need language translation to see what it’s about.

Lets say one thing,  if you’re the first in your neighbourhood to do something like this – you will get noticed rightly or wrongly………certainly by the media who would love to jump back on the theme I discussed at the beginning again. Perhaps a great idea for a business – or even better – a great way of beautifying what would otherwise be a drab view.

Surprising then with all the range available that there no. 1 is a Harley Road King motorcycle.

I can just visualise now the injured person explaining to the ACC case manager how they got their broken nose, black eye, and lost two front teeth…….

“by walking into a garage door in broad daylight” to inspect a Harley Davidson

I don’t actually think its got anything to do with pimping for sale either – looks like its just an individuals point of difference for their home.

There’s also a sister site about doors called Style Your Door, with its own eclectic collection of doorfronts.

Could Imagine that some teenagers would think that this would be just want they need to personalize their bedroom?

CREDIT – images & videos via http://www.style-your-garage.com/ (via http://www.powersiteblog.com)

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